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What Type of Toilet Should I Choose for a Cloakroom or Small Bathroom?

Toilet close up

If you’re looking for a toilet to go in your ensuite, cloakroom or small bathroom, there are loads of options available that will do the job with ease and style. When you compromise on space, this doesn’t mean you also have to compromise on quality. It is very easy to find a durable and reliable toilet that will make the most of a limited space.

Read on for more hints and tips about finding toilets for small bathrooms.

Choose your style

Within each of the three main styles of toilet – wall-hung, close coupled and back to wall – you can find toilets that are compact enough to work well in a smaller space. Wall-hung and back to wall toilets have an obvious space-saving advantage in that the cisterns are concealed, built into the wall or a toilet unit; the toilet itself doesn’t take up very much space. Wall-hung toilets have a further benefit in smaller bathrooms in that they create the illusion of extra room by having that small gap between the toilet and the floor.

The most petite back to wall toilets frequently have very slim bottoms and, at their widest, they measure at around 36cm. This can make them excellent space-saving solutions, especially if you are working with a narrow space.

Close coupled

It’s not necessarily the case that close coupled toilets are inherently unsuitable for small bathrooms. They can be very sleek and compact and don’t require the cistern to be fitted separately, which may be of benefit to you if the wall space is somewhat awkward or limited.

Many close coupled toilets are made with a slightly narrower cistern section, which means that they can fit into more difficult spaces with ease. Almost all petite toilets have a reduced projection, measuring at roughly 65cm, taking up slightly less floor space than regular toilets.

How much you can expect to pay

In terms of cost, there is little difference between a compact toilet and one that is more regular-sized. Normally, you can expect to pay between £150 and £250, though you can spend as little as £30 on a good quality, space-saving toilet.

Other benefits

Many smaller toilets have the added advantage of being water efficient. These are fitted with a dual flush system, which reduces unnecessary water usage by roughly 50%. Reduced flushes use three litres of water, instead of the usual six, which not only saves water, but ultimately saves you a lot of money. Though not all toilets for small spaces come with this, a lot of them do – just be sure to check this out before buying if it is important to you.

More ideas

As an alternative to any of the standard style toilets, an excellent idea for saving space is having a corner toilet fitted. These have a triangular cistern and slot neatly into the corner of the room, making the most of what might normally be quite a tricky space to fill.

A compact toilet and sink unit could well save you space, too. Search for a unit that will conceal all the pipework, create storage space in the under-basin cupboards, and create a streamlined look in your suite, all without taking up too much room. These units are available in a range of sizes, but the more petite ones will do the job perfectly if you’re short on space.

For more information about these, take a look at this guide.

Having limited space available does not mean you can’t get a really good quality toilet. There are plenty of options available which can make the most of a smaller bathroom of cloakroom and you can be sure that your bathstore toilet will be durable, compact and stylish.



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