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Bath Waste and Overflow Design Guide

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They say it’s the little things that really make a bathroom look beautifully styled. This is never more true than when it comes to bath waste and overflow. Even on a low budget, the most modest and basic of bathroom suites can feel far more stylish when teamed with well chosen accessories. But first, let’s talk about what they are.

What is a bath waste and overflow?

Bath waste and overflow are the parts where water drains from your tub. Bath waste refers to the metal part that slots into the bottom of your bath. You may know this as the plug hole but it actually refers to the section of pipe below it too.

An overflow is the metal part about three quarters of the way up your bath – on the tap side, where water drains if the bath gets too full. This is often included to prevent flooding should you accidentally leave the tap on. You might also look into a plug and chain system as part of your bath waste and overflow set.

They may seem fairly insignificant but, as said in the introduction, can really add style and flair to your suite. Let’s delve into your options.



Plug and chain

This is the most common bath waste and overflow system, so the one you’ll probably be most familiar with. Timeless in design, this style works for modern and classic bathrooms alike and won’t cost you the earth.

They’re great value compared to other systems you’ll come across. However, as you can’t easily remove the slotted plug it can be harder to clean, especially when the plug is blocked. 


Pop up

Pop up bath waste and overflow is exactly as it sounds. To release water, you simply twist a dial right above the overflow hole and the plug ‘pops’ up. They’re far more minimal in style than a standard plug and chain as they bypass the ‘chain’. This means they look a lot more stylish too, great for a more modern bathroom suite.

When it comes to cleaning, these types of bath waste and overflow systems are easy to clean. Simply screw off the plug and overflow and clean them individually, while leaving the plug section open for plunging or drain snakes if blocked.


Click clack

A click clack bath waste is very similar to a pop up system, except it uses a push mechanism to release the plug instead of a dial. The most modern of our styles, the later versions of these bath waste and overflow systems use a plastic interior mechanism instead of a metal one, making them less easily corroded too.



Most bath waste and overflow systems you’ll see are silver in colour – as with most bathroom accessories in general. However we stock a whole range of stylish colours to suit any scheme or design style you could imagine.

If you’re on a budget, coloured accessories can be a great way to add a touch of style to a basic bathroom suite. Take a Noir Black click clack for example, it creates a sharp contrast with a white bath giving the illusion of a far more expensive suite. Gold or brass bath wastes can also complement colours like green and blue really well, creating a rich and seamless look. 

And there you have it. Remember, if you do have any questions or comments on installing or choosing bath waste and overflow, we’re always on-hand. Visit your local Bathstore or get in touch online.



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