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Design Ideas for a High-Tech Bathroom

Hydra bathroom cabinet

Forget spa days, the latest advances in bathroom technology can help you create our very own pamper parlour at home. Here are our favourite high-tech gadgets that will revolutionise how you use your bathroom.

Showers with many powers

Showers are a star feature in any bathroom, and many now feature futuristic digital controls. Impress your overnight guests with a shower head that’s as techy as it is stylish.

Digital showers

digital shower

If you’re a lover of luxury, a Digital Shower will serve as the perfect pampering partner. Available as a single outlet concealed option, enjoy the choice of pre-set shower programmes and the capability to select individual shower settings, so you can look forward to stepping straight into the perfect showering experience every time.

Finishing touches

High-tech bathroom gadgets don’t have to revolve around the bath or shower. Smaller luxurious additions such as mirrors and TVs can do just as good a job at satisfying a desire for convenient bathroom tech.

Sensor mirror

sensor mirror

A mirror with an LED rim cleverly simulates natural sunlight, for a well-lit glow that gives you perfect vision of your visage whether early morning or late night.

Its LED lighting makes it ideal for make-up lovers, as it helps you to achieve a flawless finish. Some also come with multi-sensory technology to automatically turn itself on when you step up to it and switch off when you move away.

Bluetooth mirror

Music lovers rejoice. This ATIK Bluetooth-enabled Backlit Mirror can be linked up to your mobile, so you can get ready to your favourite tunes first thing. The mirror itself features the likes of a Demister Pad, Infrared Sensor Switch and Charger Socket. Hang it above a statement vanity unit to create the ultimate focal point.

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