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Design Inspiration for a Bauhaus Bathroom

Dark wood bathroom cabinet

The Bauhaus was a German art school founded in 1919 that sparked a design revolution we still feel the impact of today. Founded in 1919, it promoted a modern and creative approach to fine art, with the aim to inject creativity into manufacturing once again.

Based on the concept of gesamtkunstwerk, which means ‘total work of art’, Bauhaus blends craft, art, minimalism and curiosity. The result is simple, useful, and beautiful things – which makes it the perfect design inspiration for your bathroom.

We’ll show you how you can get the Bauhaus look in your bathroom, bringing a touch of German artistic genius into your everyday life.

Functional furniture

Bauhaus prioritises functionality as much as style, so you can enjoy practical things that look great. When incorporating the concept into your bathroom, look for attractive pieces that will save space and add organisation.

Floating basin units

Floating basin units are a great example of Bauhaus-inspired design because of their artistic display and practicality. The Mino range uses clean lines and a gloss finish to create an ultra-modern effect, while offering places to store your essentials and saving on floor space.

Modular furniture

We have no doubt that modular furniture would’ve made the founders of the Bauhaus proud. Easy to install, customisable, and slimline, it’s designed to fit the bathroom in the exact way that works for you. Go ultra-minimalist with just the essentials or add cupboards and cabinets for a whole bathroom solution.

Curvy shapes

Bauhaus has a knack for being clever with shapes, using curves, edges, and lines to create artsy pieces that serve a useful purpose. Get the look in your bathroom by incorporating curved shapes to add a flair of modern design while making the most of your layout.

Round basin

round basin is a great way to add contrast to the often clean, straight lines of a Bauhaus bathroom. Look for a design that has a slightly unusual effect, whether it’s thicker edges or a slightly off-centre shape, to nod to the slight cheekiness of Bauhaus.

P-shaped bath

Invoke the modern art aesthetic in your bathroom with a P-shaped bath. Extra space at one end gives you more room when showering or bathing, and the groovy dimensions will add intrigue to the overall style of your scheme.

Bauhaus colours and textures

The Bauhaus colour pallet predominantly uses monotone shades and natural textures. This helps to create a clean and minimalist look that gives your bathroom an irresistibly modern touch.

Dark wooden furniture

In line with the craft-inspired themes of Bauhaus, look for simple yet striking furniture made of natural materials. Walnut units and cabinets have a 1930s vintage appeal – style them against white walls and flooring to add warmth and depth to your bathroom.

Primary colours

Bauhaus is all about keeping it simple, but it can still be playful and fun. Inject a bit of energy into your bathroom by making a statement with primary colours – bright red, teal blue, and mustard yellow are commonly used across Bauhaus-inspired design and art. Get the look in your bathroom by painting a feature wall or add a splash of brightness with colourful towels.

A trick of the light

In addition to the way things look, Bauhaus influences a room’s atmosphere, giving off a calm and relaxed vibe that’s just a little bit offbeat. Lighting can help you create the perfect Bauhaus mood in your bathroom.


In line with the simplicity of Bauhaus design, maximise on the natural light in your bathroom. Keep windows free of clutter and remove any heavy curtains or blinds. But don’t worry if your bathroom lacks windows – you can create a bright and natural lighting scheme by using a combination of ceiling and wall lights.

Check out our lighting buyer’s guides to find out how to brighten up your bathroom.


Mirrors are both stylish and functional – two of Bauhaus’ favourite things! They will help to bounce light around the room, creating a bright and airy space. Choose mirrored cabinets to add storage to your bathroom, and add a large, statement mirror to a wall for a touch of artsy practicality.

The doors of the Bauhaus school closed in 1933, but that was not the end. Its teachers scattered across the globe and took the artistic concepts with them, spreading the Bauhaus influence for generations to come.

By looking for simple and functional pieces that have an artistic twist, you can create a bathroom design that feels effortless and looks undeniably cool. Find your nearest showroom to scout out Bauhaus pieces up close, or check out our design guides for more inspiration.



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