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Inspiration and Design Ideas for a Georgian-Style Bathroom

Bathroom with chandelier

The Georgians didn’t have bathrooms as we know them today, but they did have passion for style and design. By channelling common themes used throughout Georgian interiors, you can create a period-style bathroom that even Jane Austen’s characters would covet.

From essential features to decorative touches, we’ll help you design your dream Georgian-style bathroom, so you can immerse yourself in vintage-inspired elegance.

It’s all about the bath

As soon as you walk into your Georgian bathroom, the bath should create a bold statement that screams ‘period-style’. An authentic Georgian tub from the era is probably not the most comfortable option, but you can easily recreate the look and enjoy all of today’s comforts.

Antique-effect bath

Georgian baths were essentially large tubs that would be filled with (hopefully) warm water when it was time to bathe. To channel the look in your bathroom, choose an oval-shaped freestanding bath that sits flush against the floor.

Taps to match

While the Georgians didn’t have the luxury of running water, chances are you’ll still want taps on your bath. Brass is a material that was commonly used across Georgian design, and so opting for brass taps is a great way to bring a vintage touch to a modern feature. Choose a classic design, such as cross-head taps, to emulate period styling.

Look for classic pieces

Georgian design blends simplicity with elegance, to create an understated while beautiful effect. When choosing fixtures and furniture for your bathroom, opt for simple and classic pieces that have an antique look.

Vintage-inspired units

Dėcor in the Georgian era focussed on intricate moulding and long, curved lines. Bring the style into your bathroom with units and cabinets that incorporate these aspects. Though they can be difficult to source (and often are expensive), you can try to find authentic pieces at markets and antique shops.

Alternatively, our traditional range of bathroom furniture has a vintage-inspired finish and includes a variety of pieces, so you can incorporate all the elements you need and create a cohesive look across your scheme.

Classical basin

The Georgians used bowls when washing their hands and faces, and so what better way to pay tribute to the era than with a washbowl basin? Choose a round design to stay in keeping with the period’s preference for simple, curved shapes. If you want luxury, opt for matching ‘his and hers’-style basins.

Colour me Georgian

Getting the right colour scheme is key to creating a Georgian look in your bathroom. Whether you want to create a boutique atmosphere or a luxurious space, make sure to adhere to the era’s use of soft shades in a matte finish. There are ways you can mix and match tones and textures to create the period effect.

The Georgian paint pallet

The Georgians typically used pale colours to give their interiors a subtly refined feel. If you want to incorporate colour into your bathroom, choose muted pinks, blues, or greens, contrasted against soft grey tones. If you want to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with rich, creamy shades of white.

Playing with patterns

Enchanted by exotic, faraway places, some Georgians incorporated patterns into their homes. If you want to create a statement, choose wallpaper or tiles with a symmetrical, floral-inspired print.

The right texture

Due to what was available at the time, Georgian homes incorporated natural materials across the walls and flooring. Beyond emulating the period look, using natural textures in your bathroom will help to create a sense of warmth and comfort.

Wood for a warm and welcoming effect

Wooden features are great for almost any bathroom design, and they look especially on point in a Georgian-inspired theme. Wood panelling will instantly give your bathroom an authentic, period feel – style it halfway up the wall and paint it a neutral colour for a true Georgian look. Alternatively, using wooden bathroom furniture and shelving is a quick and simple way to incorporate the antique aesthetic into your scheme.

Marble for a touch of extravagance

If you want to emulate the upper realms of Georgian society, add a splash of marble to your bathroom. Marble-effect flooring will bring an instant hit of glamour, while a marble washbowl or splashback is a straightforward way to bring an aristocratic finish to your design.

Create the Georgian bathroom that the Georgians would’ve wished they had! By styling vintage-inspired pieces against a muted colour scheme and natural textures, you can design a comfortable space that balances antique elegance with tranquillity – the perfect period-style retreat.

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