Bathroom Suites

Our Guide to Cloakroom Suite Ideas

An extra bathroom or cloakroom is a practical use of space that can add thousands to the value of your home. Whether you’re carrying out renovations and converting a space into a cloakroom or revamping an existing space, our cloakroom suite ideas may provide some welcome inspiration. 

At its simplest, a cloakroom suite really only needs to include a toilet and a small hand basin, and many modern ranges offer compact sinks and toilets that are ideal for smaller spaces. With some careful planning, a bit of imagination and the right products it’s surprisingly simple to create a stylish space.

Think smart

As your cloakroom suite is probably going to be the toilet that most visitors use, you’ll want to make sure that the space is welcoming and tidy. No one wants their guests to be greeted by bottles of bleach and toilet cleaner, which is why bathroom storage is a key consideration. 

Including a vanity unit in your cloakroom suite not only helps the room look well planned and pulled together it also gives you a little extra storage space. 

Vanity units combine a sink with handy storage space – usually a cupboard under the sink – and are several styles to choose from, including wall mounted and floor standing. 

Our range of specially selected cloakroom vanity units are compact enough to fit into the smallest of spaces, yet still provide plenty of handy storage space.

Cloakroom Suite Ideas and Inspiration…

Whether you want something simple for a smaller space or prefer something bigger and bolder to really make a statement, our extensive range of vanity units has it all. 

Want to make the most of limited space? The House Beautiful Element(s) Floor standing Cloakroom Vanity with Basin is sleek and slim enough to fit into the most compact of cloakrooms. Available in white or grey it fits perfectly into any colour scheme.

If you prefer something a little different, the Sketch Inset Basin Unit could be the perfect fit. The hairpin legs give it a retro vibe, whilst the bold pomegranate finish is a great choice if you want to add a pop of colour to a neutral colour scheme, or are getting creative with colour and experimenting with a bold and bright palate.  

Go wild and show your style

Speaking of colour, it might be the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t unleash some big ideas when it comes to décor. 

Why not try this cloakroom suite idea? Contrast a neutral cloakroom suite and walls with a brightly coloured floor. Sunshine yellow or aqua blue are great choices and work well in an otherwise subtly decorated space. Because it’s a smaller space, there’s scope to really go to town with tiles – try something patterned like the 4 Seasons Grey Floor Tile. Because you’ll need fewer tiles to complete the project, you have the perfect excuse to splash out on designs that might put you over budget if you used them in the main bathroom.

Finishing touches…

A few carefully chosen accessories can really make a difference to the space. Make things warm and welcoming without losing space by installing a towel radiator or if space is at a real premium, a simple towel ring is a practical alternative. As this is a space where guests may wish to check their hair or freshen up their make-up, a good mirror is a must-have (it can also help make the space feel brighter). If the room doesn’t get a lot of light, an illuminated mirror is a great way to boost the light levels in your cloakroom suite.



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