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How to Clean a Shower Screen Seal

an image of a bath shower screen

Your bathroom is one of the most used in the house, often feeling impossible to keep completely clean day-to-day. One of the most stubborn spots that usually can’t be cleaned with a simple spritz and wipe is the shower screen seal. Whether you have a shower enclosure or a wet room shower screen,

The black spots and orange-pink mildew that build up on shower screen seal strips are something we’ve all had to deal with at one time or another. And while it’s not pretty to look at, if left to fester it can be pretty difficult to get rid of too. Often making it hard to clean off easily. But fear not, we have a tried and tested method sure to get the shower screen seal you find between the shower side panels sparkling again.

What you’ll need: 

White vinegar and dish soap or bleach

Hot water

A good size spray bottle

Some protective gloves

An old toothbrush

A clean, dry cloth

  1. Make up your solution 

    First thing’s first, grab your spray bottle ready to make up your solution. If you’re using vinegar it’s equal parts with hot water and then a good squirt of dish soap. For bleach it’s two tablespoons per 250ml. Once you’ve added it to your bottle, mix well by giving it a good shake.

    Please note

    Bleach can be a dangerous substance to work with. Be sure to ventilate the bathroom well by opening windows and turning on extractor fans. We’d also recommend wearing gloves, a mask and protective clothing too to avoid stains.

  2. Spray away

    Apply your chosen solution directly to the shower screen seal strip covering it as completely as you can. For best results it’s a good idea to leave it to sit for up to 15minutes – especially on those tough spots of mildew and mould.

  3. Get scrubbing

    Take out the old toothbrush and wet it with more of the solution, then it’s time to put some elbow grease in. Give the shower screen seal a thorough scrub getting into the corners and hard to reach bits with the bristles. For best results, rinse it with water in between scrubbing too.

  4. Wipe down

    Once you’re happy with how your shower screen seal is looking, give it a rinse with clean water. Then wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. And voilà, your seal should be squeaky clean.


  5. What about limescale?

    Where mould and mildew are fairly simple to wipe off surfaces and seals, limescale is a bit tougher. It’s the white, chalky substance that builds up in hard water areas and can dry hard on metal parts in your bathroom, like plugs, screens and even taps.

    There are special sprays you can buy for limescale that dissolve it. We recommend these over the method above as they’re specially formulated to cut through it, giving better results.

  6. How to keep it clean

    Cleaning your seal can be an effort, especially if you’ve let the issue fester for a while. We recommend giving it a wipe down every week, that way when you come to scrub it it’s far easier.


    And that’s how to clean a shower screen seal. Did we get your shower screen seal sparkling clean? Why not finish tidying your bathroom by cleaning your shower head?



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