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How to Fit a Wall Mounted Wire Basket

an image of a wire baskets with products in a shower

A great alternative to a plastic or wooden shelf system, a wall mounted wire basket is a more durable solution for your shower. They’re unlikely to snap and take a long time to discolour – which you’ll often find happens easily with other materials. If you’re worried about rust, you can buy chemical solutions to stop this from happening. 

A double wire corner basket is a great way to make sure that your essentials – like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, are all handy whenever you need them. Great at helping to keep your bathroom tidy, especially in a smaller space. Wire baskets are also super stylish – with metal available in several different colours and designs, and easy to clean.

How do you fit a wire basket?

So, how do you fit your one in your shower? Here’s everything you need to get started with this fairly simple DIY task. However, be aware, this is a job that involves drilling into walls, so if you’re not completely confident it’s always best to consult a professional. Why not pop into your local Bathstore and ask our advice?

But, if you’re good to go, then let’s get started:

What you’ll need

  • Wire basket(s)
  • Screws (if not supplied with the basket)
  • A pencil
  • A spirit level
  • Rawlplugs (sometimes called wallplugs)
  • Drill with appropriate bit
  • A small hammer
  • A live wire detector

Step one – make sure it’s safe

Before starting, you’ll want to make sure the area you’re drilling your wall mounted wire basket into is safe. Even if you’re confident that it won’t be an issue, using a live wire detector is wise because if you do happen to cause damage to the wiring, it can be a messy and expensive repair.

If you are installing a wire corner basket, don’t forget you have to check for wires in two walls.

You should also consider the surface that you will be drilling into and make sure that you have the correct drill bit. For example, drilling into tiles with the wrong equipment can cause them to shatter.

Step two – make your mark

Once you’ve decided where you want to place your wire basket, you need to mark out where to drill the wall. Most wall mounted wire baskets come with mounting plates, which helps to make things much easier. 

Position the wire basket against the wall in the place that you’re happy with. Then, using the pencil, mark the wall through the holes in the mounting plate. Using the spirit level, make sure that the marks are lined up so you’re ready to go with your drill. Remark if necessary.

Step three – get the wall ready

Once you’re happy with the positioning and that the marks are lined up, carefully drill into the wall. Then, insert the rawlplugs – use the hammer to gently tap them into place if they don’t simply slot in. You want them to be flush against the wall ready for your wire basket to be screwed in.

Step four – hang the wire basket

Line the holes you just drilled up with the holes on the mounting plate. Then take out your screwdriver and secure it in place with the screws you got with your basket. Make sure that your wire basket is firmly attached before use. You can test this by popping something in and seeing if it handles the weight. If you have a rectangular wire basket consider ensuring that the weight in the basket is fairly balanced as you don’t want to put too much stress on one side.

And there you have it, how to install a wall mounted wire basket. Have you successfully used this guide? We love seeing your creations, tag us on social media today.




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