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How to Install a Wall Hung Basin

wall hung basin

You might be completely making-over your family bathroom, re-configuring your ensuite or updating the sanitaryware in your cloakroom. Whatever the situation, making sure your wall hung basin is properly fitted is key to it functioning well and looking good. If you’re tackling the job yourself, this step-by-step guide is here to help.

What you’ll need:

Wall hung basin

Waste and pipes

Drill with driver bit

Stub drill bit

Pipe and stud detector

Adjustable spanner

Adjustable wrench

Tap backnut spanner

Spirit level

PTFE tape


Tape measure

Screw driver

Silicone sealant with gun



What is a wall hung basin?

wall hung basin

Ideal if space is at a premium, a wall hung basin combines practicality with style. Designed to maximise the space in a room, these basins ‘float’ above the floor – they can be part of a vanity unit with storage built in or simply a basin on its own. For smaller rooms, a corner wall hung basin ticks all the boxes giving you a place to wash your hands without taking up valuable floor space. When it comes to fitting a new basin, making sure the end result is neat and clutter-free is your main consideration here – careful measuring up is key to getting it right.

Top tip: Taps are not usually included, so this is your chance to choose a tap from a range of stylish designs to match the rest of your room.




How to install a wall hung basin

Step 1: Check the walls and measure up

The first thing to do is to check that the walls are strong enough to support the weight of your basin. Now’s the time to reinforce it, if necessary. Next use the stud detector to find a suitable fixing point.

Step 2: Measure once, check twice

Measure where you want the top of your wall hung basin to go (a standard height is 80-90cm from the floor to the top of the basin) and extend the line out with your spirit level. Now you need to mark the centre point of the basin using the water supply pipe as your guide. Again, using the spirit level, extend the line upwards.

Measure the exact distance between the two anchor holes on the back of the basin. Using the centre line you’ve drawn on the wall, measure and mark their distance apart. Measure their distance down from the top of the basin and use a spirit level to mark the lines. This gives you the position for your two anchor bolts.

Step 3: Drill the anchor holes

Drill the anchor holes and insert the anchor bolts for your wall hung basin – tightening them into place with an adjustable spanner.

Step 4: Fit the waste

To fit the waste, insert the washer on the basin waste and add a line of silicone to create a water-tight seal between the basin and the waste. Next, insert the waste into the basin and fit the washer and plastic nut underneath, ensuring it’s tight using the wrench. Your wall hung basin is now ready to install.

Step 5: Install your wall hung basin

Lift the basin into place on the anchor bolts to make sure it’s sitting flush with the wall. Secure the basin to the wall using the anchor bolts, tightening the plastic collars and nuts  with the adjustable spanner. Next add some PTFE tape to the fixing threads of the flexi hoses to ensure a good seal and connect everything to the water supply. Tighten by hand and finish with the adjustable spanner.

Step 6: Fit the bottle trap

To install the bottle trap, unscrew the washer and slip nut and put them on to the waste pipe. Position the waste over the waste pipe and screw it upwards onto the basin outlet. Now tighten it onto the waste pipe with the slip nut.

Step 7: Seal the job

Wipe down the back of your wall hung basin to get rid of any dirt or dust and apply a line of silicone sealant along the join against the basin and wall, smoothing it neatly with a wet finger. Let it dry for 24-hours then switch the water supply back on and check for any leaks.

Step 8: Finishing touches

You can fit a splashback at this point if you choose to – tiles, acrylic or glass to match the décor of your interior.


Need more help with how to install a wall hung basin? Watch our video with all the steps required to install a wall hung basin:



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