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10 Tips For Planning A Bathroom

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So, you’ve whittled down your bathroom inspiration and got your perfect design. Now it’s time to figure out planning a bathroom and bringing it to life. Even if you have a clear picture in your mind it can be hard to plan it out and install in your space.

There’s everything from measuring up and planning your plumbing, to electricals and flooring. And in a timely manner too so you’re not left without a working bathroom for too long. 

That’s why we’ve written this blog, to give you ten great tips for planning a bathroom from bathroom inspiration to reality. 

Here are a few of the main considerations when you’re thinking about planning a bathroom:


Set a budget

This is the very first thing to do when you’re thinking about planning a bathroom. Set an amount aside and have a look at different fixtures and fittings that fit within your budget. Remember to include everything from tiles and flooring, to fixtures and fittings, to accessories and heating too.

Find a style

You’ll want to have your bathroom inspiration nailed before you actually start planning a bathroom. That way you can tell your tradesmen exactly what you want and get an accurate idea of how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take. Check out our guide on designing a bathroom if you’re not sure how to start. Once you’ve got this sorted you can then start working your way through this list.

Measure up

When looking at fixtures and fittings, you’ll need to know what kind of space you have to work with. A standard bath needs lots of space, whereas a toilet and sink are obviously much smaller. You may also be restricted on where you can put items like radiators and basin waste pipes – it’s good to ask your plumber or gas engineer about these. 

What you can include will depend entirely on the size of your room. Play around with the layout to see what fits.

Think about materials

From floor to walls to splashbacks, this topic could be an article in itself. Making sure the materials in your bathroom not only look great but stand wear and tear is very important. Most people use waterproof materials in a bathroom so they don’t get damaged and are easy to clean, but there are other options that may suit your aesthetic. For example wood or vinyl floors, wooden bath panels or painted walls. Just make sure you’ve planned for daily use with varnished wood and waterproof paint.


Plan your plumbing

The main expert to consult when planning your bathroom is your plumber. Run your measurements, bathroom inspiration and layout by them to see if it’s all doable. They’ll give you a cost for labour and an idea of how long it’ll take to get your new bathroom up and running.

Think about electrics

Something else many don’t think about when planning a bathroom is electricals. Whether it’s an extractor fan, electric shower, charging port or new bathroom spotlights, an electrician can be a key consideration when you’re thinking about how to bring your bathroom inspiration to life.

Hire an installation team

Alternatively you could find yourself a team that does it all, from bathroom inspiration to installation. These are available at most DIY and bathroom specialist stores, like Bathstore. We’ll help you in planning a bathroom and then come in and sort it all in one go.


Find another bathroom

Now you’ve got an estimated time from your tradesmen, start making arrangements to use another bathroom while yours is being installed. Your plumber should install your toilet first to minimise disruption to your home, but a shower may take time so it’s good to have a plan B in mind. This could be a second bathroom in your house, a neighbour or family member nearby, your local gym, or even your workplace. 

Prepare for dust

After planning a bathroom comes installation. And as with any renovation work, it’s a dirty job. Make sure you prepare your home for the dust and muck that comes along with it. This may mean getting dust sheets for your flooring, keeping on top of sweeping and mopping at the end of the working day, or even masking tape round your doors so the dust doesn’t blow into other rooms. Keeping the space ventilated is also great for getting rid of pesky grime.


Don’t forget essentials

From toilet brushes and bins, to mirrors and towel rails, fundamental pieces of a bathroom can often be overlooked. Think about how you’ll add personality to these simple bathroom essentials so you can finish your bathroom off in style.


So there you have it, all the considerations you need when thinking about planning a bathroom. Have we missed anything? Do you have a question for our experts? We love to hear from our customers. Get in touch with our team on our website or social media today.




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