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Small Bathroom, Big Ideas: 5 Tips to Enhance Limited Space

Minimalist storage

Small bathrooms are pretty much the norm in the UK (the average bathroom is just 2,438mm by 1,829mm , which is only just bigger than a king size bed!), but these less-than-generously-sized spaces can cause a bit of stress during day-to-day living.

You might be considering expanding the space with a renovation or extension, but if this isn’t an option, there are lots of other ways to change your space to make it more functional and suited to your day-to-day life.

Reconfiguring a small space can be a lot of fun, even if it’s a little challenging at times. It’s all about how you make use of the space and ensuring that the room is practical. From clever storage ideas to solving furniture placement puzzles, there are many ways to overcome the limitations of a small space.

Go minimalist

This one tip goes a long way and while it’s good advice for any bathroom, it’s especially useful for bathrooms where there isn’t an abundance of space. Having too much stuff in your bathroom not only impacts the internal space, but can make it appear messier than it really is.

Bathrooms can be clutter magnets, from daily use along with a high volume of household traffic, it’s no wonder that bathrooms can become very messy, very quickly. Going minimalist means only storing the items you really need in your bathroom – this way, you can really make the most of your storage – ensuring everything you need in the bathroom has a home.

You could start by having a sort through the items in the bathroom – be ruthless, if it doesn’t need to be in there then find another place for it in the house!

Reap the benefits of fitted furniture

Speaking of storage, no bathroom can go without it and if you’re going minimalist, then you’ll certainly need somewhere to store those must-have bathroom products and items. In spaces that are a touch on the small side, finding sufficient storage (and somewhere for it to go) can feel a bit like solving a puzzle.

Fitted and built-in furniture can be a great solution for snug spaces. Up tightly against the wall, fitted furniture can help to create a neat and streamlined space. Numerous pieces of bulky freestanding furniture in a small bathroom can make the space look and feel smaller.

Our space-saving bathroom furniture is specifically designed to streamline storage for small spaces – providing ample storage without impinging on the internal space of the room.

Let the light in

Creating the illusion of space in a small bathroom is key to opening up the room and helping it to feel bigger and brighter.

A large mirror is a great idea for windowless bathrooms, helping to properly illuminate the room by reflecting light from the light-fittings. Even if you’ve got a window that allows natural light into the room, it’s still well worth investing in a large mirror to bounce the light around and open up the space.

Bathrooms can be tricky to light as the numerous fittings can cause shadows, so the more light you can invite into the space, the brighter and larger it will appear. It’s well worth exploring the different ways to sufficiently illuminate your space.

Getting the lighting scheme right not only makes the room appear more spacious, but can also make the space much more functional by ensuring there’s sufficient light where you need it most.

Get organised

We’ve already looked at de-cluttering your space and going minimalist with streamlined storage, but it’s also worth spending some time to really organise the various items in your bathroom. This process isn’t necessarily about making the room appear larger, but rather adapting and organising the space so that the things you use most frequently are easiest to reach.

Being super-organised about where you store items in your bathroom can go a long way to transforming it into a practical space for daily use.

Basin accessories are a great option for keeping the basin area tidy while storing the items you use the most close by.

A nifty toothbrush holder neatly stores your toothbrush; similarly, a bath or shower basket will store shampoo, shower gel, soaps etc., in a neat and tidy manner, whilst still being easy to get to. If you really want to do away with the clutter of shampoo bottles, then this wire basket with dispensers might be a good choice to really help organise your space!

Make space-saving replacements

It might also be worth considering replacing your existing fittings with specially designed, space-saving equivalents. Wall-hung basins and toilets will increase the footprint of the space as the absence of the pedestal frees up floor space.

Slim-line or corner basins can be an ideal option for opening up the room, as these space-saving fittings fit snugly into the room without negatively impacting limited space. Designed for small bathrooms, a short projection loo can help save on space as the toilet bowl doesn’t protrude into the room. You can also find units that provide you with extra room as well as concealing all the pipes.

Another multi-functional, space-saving item is the shower bath. If you don’t have enough room for both a bath and a shower, you don’t need to sacrifice one or the other – you can have the shower mounted over your bath and get the best of both worlds.

Large bathrooms are rare, but small bathrooms can sometimes feel almost impossible to live with. With a few organisational hacks, a bit of design savvy and some lighting tweaks, your small bathroom will look and feel more spacious. Having everything in the right place will not only make the room appear neat and tidy, but it will be a pleasure to use every day, too!



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