Just a wee

How bad a trip to the toilet can really be? Watch our video of poor Gary to uncover his shocking past and find out why he only wees sitting down.

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 Here's a few comments from people who have seen the video. See more comments on YouTube and Twitter


 - "It's just a wee!"


- "Haha Brilliant!!"


- "Brilliant. I didn't expect this at all"


- "I hope this goes viral haha ;D"


- "Absolutely brilliant.. wonder how long it will take before those without a sense of humour start complaining"


- "It's a p*nis fly trap."


- "I actually like this ad, I don't know why. . ."


- "Wow, first time I've allowed a YouTube ad to run all the way through."


- "The new bathstore advert had me in tears. Well done"


- "Pretty sure all guys watching will wince in unison!"

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