Revitalising your bathroom on a budget with Naomi Cleaver

Small Things Make a Huge Difference

Revitalising your bathroom on a limited budget is not as difficult as it may sound. If it's a change of style you need just re-decorating the paintwork can make a huge difference, though make sure you use a moisture-resistant paint.

Tiles & SplashPanels

If you have a bit more cash why not consider new tiles? You might even be able to make life simple for yourself and tile over your existing tiles. A popular new way to update your bathroom easily is using splash panels which are panels of waterproof laminated boards. These aren't expensive at all and can change the ambience of your bathroom in an instant, plus they're easy to fit and look after and are 100% water resistant. Just ask the friendly staff in bathstore for advice.


Upgrading your lighting can be a brilliantly simple way of transforming the feel of your bathroom, making a gloomy bathroom brighter, though do make sure you use IP, or "ingress protection", rated fittings. In other words waterproof. Here's a handy guide that explains it all in more detail.


On a more practical note maybe it's time to just update your shower? There are so many fittings to choose from, from simple kits to multi-headed systems. And at bathstore, most of their valves, showers & taps are designed to work in even in low water pressure systems. Perhaps you suffer from a leaky shower screen? In this case why not treat yourself to a new one. Screens have improved immensely over the past few years and they'll definitely stop the water from escaping down the side of the bath and creating a puddle.


While you're window-shopping take a look at the storage. I always say "storage is the key to a happy home" and so too the bathroom. A bit of a revamp is a great opportunity to go through those pots of potions that have accumulated over the years and be disciplined about what you really need to store and then treat yourself when it comes to choosing what to store that in.

There are plenty of great storage ideas such as surprisingly affordable under-basin vanity units at bathstore.


But perhaps the simplest and most fun way of upgrading a bathroom is to invest in a few choice accessories, such as towels or towel rings and toilet roll holders. Even soap dishes and little pots for cotton wool and buds can give your bathroom a real lift. And remember potted plants love the steamy atmosphere of a bathroom and will give your space vitality.

Good luck!
Naomi x

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