Small bathroom ideas with Naomi Cleaver

How to make the most of a small space

Here in the UK a lot of homes have relatively small bathrooms and bathrooms in many new –build homes are smaller still. What this means is that it's especially important to plan very carefully.

Keys to Success

One of the keys to success is to limit the number of details that will feature in the space. For example, a wet-room is an ideal space-saver for a small bathroom, as you can dispense with the shower tray and shower screen. bathstore offer a very affordable, easy to install wet-room system. But do think about simple things in this case, like how to protect the loo roll from getting soaked. bathstore have lots of great solutions to this and other conundrums, featured in one of their handy free books in-store.

Bathroom Storage

Really good storage is essential in a small bathroom as it conceals all the clutter, so making a small space feel bigger. Designing a new bathroom is a great opportunity to de-clutter too. No-one needs 5 nearly-empty jars of moisturiser, right?

The kind of fittings you use in your bathroom can also be specially chosen to suit smaller bathrooms. Here at bathstore they sell items specifically designed to be used in smaller spaces and cloakrooms, such as petite and recessed basins; loos with shorter profiles, so they don't stick out as much as standard sizes; swivelling taps and shower screens that fold inwards or slide.

Colours, Texture and Lighting

You can also enhance a sense of space using colour, texture and lighting. Mirrors and shiny surfaces will reflect light and make a space feel bigger than it really is, as the extra light will dissolve the corners of a room. And the use of light colours will work in just the same way.

Just because the space you have to work with is restricted it doesn't mean you need to restrict your imagination.

Good luck!

Naomi x

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