Basins Buyer's Guide

As one of the essential items in any bathroom suite, a basin can be a real stand-out feature in a room. From traditional basins to elegant marble washbowls, there are many options available, so you are sure to find something to suit any style and any budget. Everything you need to know before you choose your basin is included in this guide, so you can find the perfect one for you.

I need a new basin for my bathroom... where should I start?

A good basin can be a real feature in your bathroom, and many options are available that are stylish, practical, and affordable. However, before you buy one, you will need to consider a number of things including the size, colour and style of the bathroom. Whether you want a modernist rectangular basin, or a more traditional Victorian vanity unit with built-in drawers, there are basins available to suit every style of bathroom.

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Angular or round?

Shape and style are two very important things to consider when choosing a new basin. If the rest of the bathroom fixtures feature defined, angular lines, then it is easy to choose a similarly angular basin to match. However, if your bathroom is not especially lined or rounded, choosing between the two styles for your basin unit can be tricky.

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Porcelain, ceramic or marble?

What differentiates one bathroom basin from another? When looking for a new basin to install into your home, it can be tricky to know the difference straight away. In reality, the options are almost endless; basins come in all shapes, sizes and materials to suit every style. 



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Should I opt for a washbowl?

Dynamic, eye-catching and luxurious, washbowl basins are a great addition to any modern bathroom suite. With their sleek lines and soft finish, they turn washing your hands into a deluxe experience and can transform the way the entire room looks.



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How should I clean my basin in order to maintain it in top condition?

It isn’t always obvious how to keep your bathroom basin looking squeaky-clean. However, there are a few handy ways of getting rid of all those annoying stains that build up over time, including toothpaste and rust. If a bathroom suite is worth spending money on, it is worth taking a few minutes every week to tackle any mess and, as you will see, it doesn’t take too much effort!

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Basin jargon buster

When you are buying a new bathroom appliance, the last thing you want is to be confused by a load of jargon. To help you make sense of bathroom basins, here is a quick and handy guide.


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