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Angular or round?

Shape and style are two very important things to consider when choosing a new basin. If the rest of the bathroom fixtures feature defined, angular lines, then it is easy to choose a similarly angular basin to match. However, if your bathroom is not especially lined or rounded, choosing between the two styles for your basin unit can be tricky. The different styles suit different types of bathrooms, so depending on the size and overall look of the room there will be a basin to match.


All the right angles

Basins which are square or rectangular are very easy to fit flat against a wall and are, therefore, great for saving space in a smaller bathroom. Indeed, small rectangular basins are usually chosen for cloakroom suites; these can be minimalistic and look great in a modern, clean-cut bathroom suite.

Additionally, they can match a variety of different taps, making a great canvas onto which you can add some real character. The benefit of a rectangular basin is that there is usually extra space around the tap for resting your bathroom essentials, such as soap trays or toothbrush holders.

What about rounded?

Rounded basins can look incredibly stylish. The smooth, curved edges provide a striking contrast with the sharp lines of a standing shower unit, and the range of materials available mean that there is a rounded basin to match almost any bathroom suite. These are often better suited to larger bathrooms than small spaces, as the basins cannot be wall mounted. This luxurious style can help to create a luxury spa feel for your bathroom.

Best of both worlds

For a basin that combines the convenience of an angular style with the elegance of the rounded, look no further than the demi basins. These have a flat edge that can be mounted on the wall, as well as a semi-circle curved edge. These are often semi-inset making them a stylish and space-saving option.

You can also find corner units with a similar look – the two straight edges slot neatly into the corner with a sleek, curved edge at the front. These are ideal if you are looking to furnish a small bathroom or cloakroom.

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Basins can be a real statement feature of your bathroom, whether they are angular or rounded; both types can come with an overflow hole built in, so either style is ideal for use in a family bathroom. The choice between the two depends largely on the space that the basin will occupy, as well as the overall appearance of the room.

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