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What type of basin should I choose for a cloakroom or a small bathroom?

Basins need not take up lots of space. Indeed, if you are working with a small room, they can fit neatly into one corner and save you precious wall and floor space.

Most basin styles are available in slightly smaller sizes to suit cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms. Wall-mounted basins are the most popular and practical for use in limited space, often with a pedestal. This saves on floor space, as well as keeping the pipes neatly tucked away. You can of course opt not to have a pedestal and simply have the basin with an exposed bottle trap.

Saving space

For a basin that will fit snugly into a small room, a corner basin is an ideal solution. These have flat edges sitting at a right angle with a third edge curving outwards, creating an attractive and practical basin feature for your cloakroom or small bathroom.

Alternatively, rectangular basins are great for fitting into a corner as they take up hardly any room at all. A few basins – usually rectangular – come with a towel rail attached at the bottom such as this one, which is another great space-saving and practical solution.

If you don’t want to wall-mount your basin, you can opt for a full-length or semi pedestal, or have the basin fitted into a unit. Vanity cabinets can either sit on the floor or be wall-mounted themselves, and you can have a basin built into these. The basin can be either fully inset or semi-inset, with fully inset being the most efficient in terms of saving space. This allows you to store all your bathroom essentials without taking up too much room, as well as housing the all-important basin.

You can find out more about which types of cabinets are suitable for smaller bathrooms, by checking out our bathroom furniture buyer’s guide here

For smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms, you may want to consider how big the taps are for the basin. If you are working with limited space, large, extravagant taps may not be wholly practical and if your basin is wall-mounted, you will need to consider the proximity of the taps to the wall. Smaller taps with a downward-facing spout are ideal for smaller spaces, especially if the basin itself is somewhat petite, since this will limit the possibility of water splashing out over the side.

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To get the most out of a smaller bathroom or cloakroom, it is best to go for a corner or small basin in order to save space, and wall-mounted ones will free up a lot of your floor space too. To combine storage with a small basin, pick a vanity cabinet with an inset basin.

Whichever style you are looking for, you can find a basin that will be both practical and stylish, that fits neatly into your bathroom or cloakroom, without overwhelming the space. 

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