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I want to add a touch of luxury to my bathroom with accessories

Bathrooms were once neglected and unloved spaces which received little attention by way of design and décor, making them basic and functional with a slightly stark clinical feel. Many people have since come to acknowledge how much time they actually spend in their bathroom, giving plenty of consideration to how they use the space, and how this should be reflected in their décor and accessories.

There are lots of ways to transform a practical bathroom space into a luxurious tranquil retreat with the right accessories. If you’re planning to create an impressively decadent bathroom to rival a five-star hotel, then we’ve got all the hints and tips you’ll need.


If you’re looking for adding the ultimate in luxury bathroom accessories, then there’s nothing more decadent than having your own TV in your bathroom. Whether you want to catch the news in the morning whilst brushing your teeth, or stretch out and unwind in a long hot bath as you watch your favourite film, a waterproof high definition LED TV is the ultimate accessory for any luxury bathroom.

The frameless design and mirrored finish fits seamlessly into any modern space, transforming your home bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Videospa TVs are fully waterproof and the touchscreen controls make it very easy to operate. Alternatively, you can use the back box for shower installations – if you’d rather watch TV under a refreshing cascade of water. Ceiling mounted speakers are also available if you want to get the ultimate surround sound experience in the tub!

Glass bottles

The myriad of different coloured plastic shampoo bottles, shower gels and bath oils can quickly cheapen the overall appearance of a new bathroom. A quick and easy remedy is to decant your products into some stylish glass bottles. This way you can make all your bath products appear uniform and sophisticated in your luxurious bathroom.

Having your bath products stored in glass bottles makes them ornamental in appearance, and you can even arrange them into something of a feature. Similarly, if you’ve got cotton wool pads for removing make-up why not consider storing them in a stylish glass jar, or pretty bowl?

Vases and ornaments

Another easy way to add a little sense of luxury to your space is to style up blank shelves using trendy vases or pretty ornaments. Of course, less is more in a luxurious bathroom – you don’t want so many ornaments that the space feels chaotic and cluttered, but a simple vase or a pretty ceramic bowl won’t go amiss.

Glass is an ideal way to add a sense of 5-star luxury to your space. Again, less is more – you don’t want your bathroom to feel like a recycling plant, but vases, mason jars filled with soaps, ceramic dishes or even a series of colour glass bottles nicely arranged can add character to the space.

Alternatively, why not pick out some statement ornaments to match your theme? A monochrome bathroom in gloss black and charcoal grey is excellent for promoting a sense of luxury, particularly with the addition of gold or silver coloured ornaments, for that extra touch of glamour.

If you’ve got a lighter, brighter space or if you’re going for more of traditional or regal aesthetic, framed artwork or photography is a great way to add character. You might also consider small ornamental sculptures to sit on the windowsill or shelves, to give the room an extra sense of style.

Plants and flowers

The addition of a brightly coloured flower arrangement or a simple potted plant can add a fresh, clean feel to your bathroom. White orchids are widely available, and really bring a sense of spa-like tranquillity to your space, whilst brightly coloured flowers add a splash of colour to white or monochrome bathrooms.

If you feel that live plants might require too much high maintenance, then realistic looking artificial plants look just as good as the real thing.


Decorating goes a long way to bringing the room together – a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the space. A striking feature wall can make your space feel all the more designer and decadent. You might like to choose a bold colour to paint the wall, or perhaps some designer wall paper.

A simple way to add a touch of individuality to your space is to add wall decals to create a feature. Wall decals not only bring a sense of personality to the room, but can easily transform your walls into a stylish feature, giving the space an air of sophistication.

Towels and linen

Towels are an essential part of your bathroom and nothing contributes to a lavish five-star experience quite like a big warm fluffy towel. Thick, fluffy towels can be real asset to your space, so why not arrange them to form display, for that extra sense of spa-like serenity? Single colour towels add a uniform sense of style to the space, but you could opt for a couple of matching colours for a touch of variation.

One plain colour or simple pattern designs are ideal for promoting a sense of luxury as opposed to a mishmash of clashing colours and patterns, which can make the space seem cluttered. However, bold colours and shades are ideal for adding accents of colour, which can work particularly well in white bathrooms.

Folding towels onto a shelf or towel rack can turn them into a sophisticated feature – whilst also having them to hand from a practical perspective. Alternatively, why not roll the towels and stack them on shelves or arrange them in a basket, for a true spa-like ambience?

There are lots of simple ways to bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. The finishing touches and accessories can go a long way to transforming your room into five-star haven. From lavish luxuries, such as a waterproof TV, to simple touches, such as choosing the right towels, can contribute to a truly decadent bathroom.

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