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There are lots of other ways to both organise the products and items in your bathroom whilst also transforming it into a stylish space. Some of these accessories are often overlooked but can be a real asset to your space – you might even wonder how you ever coped without them!

Many of these additional accessories can tidy up small items such as toothbrushes and soap, giving everything in your bathroom its own place. Tidying up and organising smaller items in your bathroom can really help to create a clean atmosphere.

You might be making a feature of your bathroom or simply adding a touch of style to a functional bathroom. The right accessories go a long way to set the mood and tone of your space. These helpful accessories will keep your bathroom organised and clutter-free, whilst the finishing touches will complete the space, adding both personality and panache.

Robe hooks

A simple but useful addition to any bathroom is a robe hook. This practical accessory is often overlooked, but is incredibly handy for hanging your bathrobe, dressing gown or even your clothes on when you’re taking a shower or bath.

Most hooks will fix easily and sturdily to the wall, with all the fittings hidden away. If you’re working with limited wall space, you can fit your robe hook on the back of the door. Not only does this keep your bathrobe, towel or dressing gown off the floor, but it also makes use of the often forgotten space behind the door!

Robe hooks come in a variety of style. The elegant Savoy double robe hook is perfect for classic, traditional style bathrooms, whereas something like the minimalist robe hook will complement more modern spaces.

Soap dish holders

Soap dish holders are excellent for keeping the area around your basin, bath and even shower clutter-free. Leaving soap on the edge of your fittings can result in a build-up of soap scum on the corners and edges of your tub and basin, which can quickly result in your bathroom looking tired and grubby. Whilst freestanding soap dishes prevent this to a certain extent, they can easily slide off the edge of the basin or bath (and be something of a slip hazard in the shower!).

A stylish addition to any bathroom, an elegant fitted soap dish holder can really neaten up your bathroom. From a practical standpoint, a soap dish holder will prevent your soap (and your soap dish) from sliding off the side of the basin or bathtub, whilst putting the soap within easy reach. Wall mounted soap dishes also help reduce the appearance of clutter and when fitted with other accessories in the range, can create a uniform sense of style too.

Toothbrush holders

Another excellent way to neaten up the area around your basin is fixing a tidy toothbrush holder to the wall. These make a stylish addition to any space, whilst also being functional in tidying up the bathroom too.

A chrome holder with a mug is a popular choice and comes with a frosted glass or ceramic mug. You can even get double mug holders, perfect for a ‘his and hers’ ensuite or a busy family bathroom.

Grab rails

For those with mobility issues, grab rails can make your bathroom much more accessible. Grab rails can be installed in the shower or on the wall beside the bath to provide support when getting in and out of the bath or shower.

For baths and showers, you might like to consider a grab rail with an integrated soap rack, making your bath and shower more accessible as well as having some nifty soap storage!

Framed pictures and artwork

Bathrooms aren’t as sparse and functional as they once were, but with a touch of creative thinking, you can bring the whole room together by making it a warm and inviting retreat. Whether you’re going for a contemporary, traditional, designer or simple timeless aesthetic, framed art and pictures can really add personality to your space.

Contemporary spaces might benefit from large, bold and colourful pieces which can be a real feature amongst the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. If you’re looking for softer pieces to inspire relaxation, then why not consider floral or landscape photography?

For traditional spaces, consider images that incorporate a soft palette of colours such as pastel shades or soft patterns to create a warm, relaxing mood. Alternatively, a cluster of smaller framed pictures or artwork is a good way to create a feature in a period bathroom.

Decorative accessories

Not all accessories for the bathroom are for organising your bathroom products, cosmetics and other items. Decorative accessories can help add a touch of personality to the space, as well as transform it into a place of rest and relaxation.

A quick and easy way to make your bathroom seem more luxurious and less cluttered is to buy matching glass or plastic bottles and decant your bath and shower products into them. This makes your products more clean and uniform in appearance than having numerous clashing coloured plastic bottles littered around the room.

Candles can make a great addition to your space. Even when unlit, a candle with a candlestick makes for a great ornament. If you’re setting the mood for an indulgent soak in the tub, there’s nothing more relaxing than bathing by candle light.

Scented candles not only look great as part of the décor, but also create a pleasant aroma in the space itself. Additionally, candles work with a range of styles and designs, particularly when doubled up with other accessories such as vintage candlesticks for a traditional bathroom, or something bolder to add a touch of glamour to decadent, designer spaces.

Accessorising your bathroom is a great opportunity to really get creative and add personality to your space. Starting with practical accessories to help get your bathroom in order, you can unleash your inner designer and add anything from glamourous ornaments to junk shop treasures to suit your style. Accessories are the all-important finishing touches that bring the room together and inject a sense of character into the space.

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