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Finding accessories for you bathroom can be a fun way to really style up your space. However, there are some essential items you’ll need to pick up to make your bathroom a functional space that fits in with your lifestyle. Toilet accessories need not be an afterthought, as the right fittings can make a stylish addition to your space.

After all, you don’t want to spend all your time, money and effort fitting a new bathroom, only to find you’ve got to keep your loo roll on the floor! If you’re coming to the end of your bathroom remodel, then here are some bathroom accessories you might want to pick up to really complete the space.

Toilet roll holders

Toilet roll holders come in a variety of sizes and designs and, beyond being practical and functional fittings, can add a touch of style to your space. It’s worth considering the design of your space when choosing your toilet roll holder. A classic wall plate design is perfect for bathrooms with a traditional design.

An edgy geometric shape is a modern addition to any contemporary space. Of course, you can always opt for something a little more subtle if you’re creating a simple, timeless space that won’t age quickly.

Most toilet roll holders can be fixed to the wall using a strong adhesive, or wall-mounted with hidden fittings to create a neat seamless appearance.

Spare toilet roll holders

At one stage, extra toilet rolls within the bathroom were considered unsightly. Gone are the days of hiding spare loo rolls under specially-designed toilet roll dolls, as you can now display your spare rolls in the room, making them a real asset to the space.

A popular idea for country or rustic-style bathrooms is to arrange spare rolls in a wicker basket or box. In more modern spaces, you might like to use a bit of design savvy to create an arrangement on a shelf.

A simple way to keep your spare rolls on hand without them looking unsightly is to stack them on a stylish spare roll holder. This is an easy but sleek way to store your rolls without having to hide them away in another room (or behind the U-bend!). Toilet roll holders and spare roll holders usually come as part of a set, so you can have all your accessories matching to create a uniform style in your bathroom.

Toilet brush and toilet brush holders

Like most toilet accessories, toilet brushes have also long been considered as something of an afterthought, shamefully hidden away behind the toilet bowl. Toilet brushes are an essential in any bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom bathroom and you don’t have to settle for a plastic loo brush that will quickly become grubby and tatty.

Investing in a good quality toilet brush and holder means they’re easy to keep clean and will stand the test of time (so you won’t need to replace it). A solid toilet brush and holder can, in fact, be a sophisticated addition to your space.

Toilet brushes and holders are made from solid materials (such as chrome-dipped brass with a ceramic holder) to ensure they continue looking great in the years to come. Additionally, you can attach them to the wall, so they truly look like they’re part of the bathroom.

Like most toilet accessories, you can pick out a toilet brush holder from the same range as your other accessories to ensure they all work together in your space.

Toilet seats

It’s likely that you’ll pick up a toilet seat when you buy your new toilet, so you’ll choose something that suits the style of the toilet itself.

For more information on buying a new toilet, check out our buyer’s guide.

However, if your old toilet seat is looking tatty or is beyond repair, you might be looking for a replacement. There are a range of toilet seats available and you’d be surprised by how much a new one can tidy up the bathroom.

It’s useful to check what type of toilet bowl you have – the majority of toilets are oval shaped, but circular or square shaped toilets are also popular choices.

You’ll find toilet seats that work seamlessly with contemporary or traditional styles. Equally, if you’re looking for something simple, you’ll find timeless styles designed to stand the test of time. If you’re replacing an old toilet seat, you’ll find the soft-close hinges a great feature, so you won’t have to worry about the toilet lid slamming down!

Accessories for your toilet can often be overlooked but are essential to having a practical, functional bathroom. Many toilet accessories can be bought as part of a range, so it’s easy to pick matching accessories that will really complement the design of your space.

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