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Towels are an essential addition to any bathroom, so it’s equally important to consider how you’re going to organise them for daily use and where to store your clean, dry towels. Draping a towel over the edge of the bath will not only cause your bathroom to look messy, but will leave it cold and damp for the next time you use it.

Similarly, hanging a towel over the radiator can also appear scruffy and messy and will prevent the radiator from sufficiently warming up the room. Towel rails and rings are an ideal solution for hanging your towels, allowing them to air properly after use without cluttering up your bathroom.

Towel rings

An easy solution for handtowels in the main bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom is a towel ring. Simple in design, a towel ring can be fitted close to the basin for drying your hands. This prevents water dripping all over the floor as you go in search of a towel, whilst also neatening it up.

Towel rings typically have a low profile design, so they’re unobtrusive even in the snuggest of spaces – such as a cloakroom bathroom. You can find towel rings to suit a range of styles, including edgier designs for contemporary spaces, or smooth, circular designs for a more traditional bathroom.


Towel rails

Towel rails are more suitable for the main, family or ensuite bathroom and are ideal for keeping your large towels and bath sheets looking neat and tidy. Single towel rails are perfect for ensuite bathrooms, whereas a busy family bathroom might benefit from a double towel rail (which can store more towels).

Chrome towel rails are built to last and make a sophisticated addition to your space. A simple polish is all that’s needed to keep your towel rail looking smart and clean. Towel rails ideally need to be fitted within easy reach of your bath or shower and are designed to be a matching and integral part of your bathroom.

Like most bathroom accessories, you’ll find styles to edgy and minimalist designs to suit contemporary bathrooms, or classic styles for more traditional bathrooms.

Heated towel rails

If you’re looking to combine your towel storage with heating but don’t want to settle for loosely draping the family’s damp towels over the radiator, a sophisticated heated towel rail is the perfect choice. Made with extra thick chrome plating, a heated towel rail is specifically designed to heat the space and keep your towels warm, dry and fluffy.

There are a range of sizes and styles available to suit large and small bathrooms. A sleek chrome heated towel rail is a sophisticated addition to any modern bathroom, whether you’re creating a space with a cutting edge aesthetic or a simple, practical family bathroom.

For more traditional inspired spaces, you might consider a period-style towel rail and radiator with crosshead valves to make a real feature of your bathroom. Simple steel radiators are perfect for delivering heat to the bathroom, fitting in with a period aesthetic without being a focal point if you’d rather have something a little more subtle.

For more information about heated towel rails, check out our article here.

Whatever the size of your bathroom, towel rails and rings are a simple means of tidying up your towels, putting them in easy reach for use whilst also keeping them dry and clean.

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