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I'm on a tight budget... can I still find cheap bathroom accessories that I'll love?

If you’re remodelling your bathroom but need to watch the pennies, then you don’t need to settle for less. There are a range of affordable, good quality accessories that can help to tidy your bathroom transforming it into a stylish and organised space.

Accessorising is all about being creative and you’ll find a number of affordable accessories to really bring your space together simply by being design savvy.

If you’re working on a tight budget, then we’ve got lots of hints and tips to find the right accessories to complete your bathroom, without breaking the bank.

Organise your lotions and potions

One of the best ways to organise your bath and shower space is to fit wire baskets. Bottles of bath and shower products can make your bathroom appear cluttered, and if they’re residing on the side of the tub or in your shower area, they aren’t always within easy reach. Wire baskets can slot easily into the corner of your shower enclosure, or fit flush to the wall beside the tub and store all of your products.

You don’t need to settle for plastic storage baskets, or cheap metal alternatives that will look tatty and rusted after a couple of drenching’s. Our MyPrice wire baskets are cleverly designed so they don’t intrude on space, but can comfortably hold all your soaps and shampoos. Made from solid brass and chrome plated, these sophisticated storage baskets are built to last.

Accessory sets

Bathroom accessories are a stylish way to add the finishing touches to your space. Matching accessories from a range can really tie the room together visually as well as being kind to your pockets. Accessories make organising your bathroom quick and easy, ensuring everything has its place – preventing the room from becoming chaotic and cluttered.

Our five piece Buxton accessories set includes quality items made from zinc alloy and is very easy to install into your space. The set includes a towel ring, toilet roll holder, robe hook, glass soap dish and holder, and glass mug holder – everything you need to organise the items in your bathroom!

Mirror, mirror

An essential accessory to your bathroom is the mirror. There’s a huge price range for mirrors, but if you don’t have deep pockets, you don’t have to settle for something sub-standard. It’s worth investing in a good quality bathroom mirror, as many decorative mirrors are not moisture resistant and can be damaged in a damp environment such as your bathroom.

Our Watertec mirrors are innovatively designed to resist water damage, so they’re perfect for any bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom bathroom. With neat bevelled edges, these mirrors are perfect for any modern or timeless bathroom and cost as little as £35. If you’re going for more of a vintage or period aesthetic, the arch mirror has a curvaceous top giving more of classic look to your space.

Ornamental accessories on a budget

There are lots of ways to add a personal touch to your bathroom without blowing the budget on expensive ornaments. Framed prints or photographs can be a cost-effective way to break up blank walls. If you’re remodelling the house bathroom, why not hang some framed pictures of the family around the room, to really personalise the space.

You don’t need to invest in expensive ornaments to add the all-important finishing touches to your space. A new set of towels can be a real asset to you bathroom, especially if arranged on a shelf, towel rail or rack. Bold colours and simple patterns can inject colour into a simple, timeless design.

Candles, unusual ceramic bowls or glassware and ornaments all add character to your space whilst still being affordable. A large seashell or a piece of driftwood can make great accessories and bring a rustic or seaside theme to your space. With a bit of creativity, it’s easy to make features out of items you might find in junk shops, jumble sales or even items around the house.

You don’t need to invest in deluxe accessories to complete your bathroom. Functional accessories can help to keep your space looking organised, preventing it from becoming cluttered. Ornamental accessories help to add a touch of individuality to the space, but a little creativity can help bring personality to your suite.

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