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Buyer’s guide to accessible easy bathing bathroom furniture

The furniture you choose for your bathroom helps to shape the overall aesthetic of the room, helping to draw together the main features into one unified design.

But bathroom furniture that looks great isn’t always practical, especially for those who need good accessibility. The Easy Bathing range of bathroom furniture finds the perfect balance between style and usability to ensure everyone can make full use of a beautiful bathroom.

Accessible storage solutions

A place for everything, and everything in its place. The old saying is still relevant in a modern bathroom, and for those who require accessible storage solutions there’s plenty of attractive options on offer to keep your bathroom clutter-free.

The Waterfront basin unit is the star of any bathroom, with a sleek rounded corner design and a bright, glossy finish. Features include specially designed doors for wheelchair access, a shallow and long projection basin, easy access shelves for your daily essentials, and even a motion sensor light. Available in a variety of designs and colours, both integrated and ergonomic handles are available for your family’s needs.

To keep your essentials safely locked away, a mirror cabinet can provide a secure storage solution, to store toiletries and medication out of reach from children and safe from being knocked to the floor. These attractive cabinets are available with single and double doors, in a range of shapes and sizes, and with additional lighting features for extra illumination.

For those little extras that make a bathroom feel homely, or to keep essentials in easy reach, our wire baskets and wire shelves can be installed almost anywhere in the room. With adjustable height, these trays can be placed exactly where you need them most.

A reassuring hand

No one wants to feel vulnerable when they should feel relaxed, so a selection of support equipment can help everyone to feel at home in the bathroom.

The Easy Bathing grab rails are elegantly designed to seamlessly blend into your wider bathroom design, wherever they’re fixed. Foldaway designs are available, along with larger options to suit your needs and preferences. Combining multiple functions, the System range of integrated safety rails includes weight bearing rails with shelving and toilet roll holders.

For extra comfort while showering, a shower seat, such as this slatted white option, can be installed directly into the shower wall and folded away when not in use. These are available in a variety of colours, and can bear a weight of up to 160kg. Alternatively, for use in both the shower and with a basin, a stylish freestanding acrylic seat can make washing so much more straightforward.

Small bathroom solutions

For those with a smaller bathroom, or who want to free up floor space, wall hung furniture give you more floor space and room to manoeuvre.
Basin wall hung units, such as those featured in the Linen range, can be installed at the most appropriate height for your needs. Likewise, the Lincoln range features several wall hung pieces that are designed to brighten the room with uncomplicated structures and light colouring.
Modular furniture, like the MyPlan range of bathroom furniture, can help you to create a bathroom design that suits your specific needs. Available in four different colours, modular furniture can be incorporated with Easy Bathing features to promote space, accessibility, and best of all, beautiful design. Learn more about modular furniture with our dedicated buyer’s guide. 
Bathroom furniture can easily blend accessibility with chic design to create a bathroom you love to spend time in. Explore the full Easy Bathing range to find out how you can make your bathroom more accessible without compromising on style.

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