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Freestanding or fitted?

If you’re looking to maximise the amount of storage space in your bathroom suite, a cabinet or storage unit is an ideal solution. Depending on how much floor space you have available, you can opt for a freestanding or a fitted storage unit, and these come in a number of styles and sizes so you can find one to complement your bathroom suite perfectly.


With a freestanding bathroom cabinet, you have the flexibility to move it to wherever it is most needed. They can be a real statement piece in your suite, standing out from the other furniture to create a striking and dynamic look. These are often better suited to a larger bathroom with more floor space to play with, but they can also be positioned against the wall saving valuable space in a small bathroom.

Freestanding bathroom furniture can come with an inset basin, but other bathroom fixtures will not be fitted within the unit itself. They are a great option for creating extra storage space, with room to store all your bathroom essentials.

Freestanding furniture comes in a variety of sizes, and therefore you can find an ideal storage solution for even the smallest of bathrooms. Some are slimline, so even if you are working in a very awkward space, there will be a unit to fit perfectly. Another great benefit of freestanding units is that, should you ever decide to completely rearrange your bathroom, you have the freedom to move these units to wherever you like. Further, if you ever look to move house completely, you can take them with you.


For a space-saving solution, a fitted bathroom cabinet is perfect. These can be fitted on the floor against the wall, or raised up onto the wall itself, and therefore are ideal if you are working with a limited or awkward space. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are especially great if the floor space is on the short side.

Fitted units also include the casings that can be mounted around toilet cisterns, basins and bidets. These make your bathroom suite look neat and tidy, keeping all the messy pipework concealed behind sophisticated, sleek panels. They have in-built drawer or cupboard space, creating more room for you within the bathroom, which makes them really handy pieces of kit in smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms.

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There are benefits to both!

Whether you choose freestanding or fitted, you can feel confident in the security and durability of your bathroom furniture. Most units are made with water-resistant materials and sealed edges, so that mould and damp cannot affect the look or functionality of the furniture. Because both freestanding and fitted units are available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you can find ones that will tuck into even the most awkward of spaces, making them both practical and stylish.

Speaking of styles, there are many to choose from. Units – both freestanding and fitted – can be bought in modern, minimal fashions, as well as the more traditional, Victoriana styles.

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Good quality bathroom furniture can complement the overall appearance of any bathroom suite, since it is available in a wide range of styles as well as a number of versatile colours. Cabinets will maximise the room you have available, and create storage areas that will be very useful and attractive.

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