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Bathroom cabinets are an ideal way of creating extra storage room in your bathroom. With or without a mirror, a cabinet will open up more room in the suite, especially since they have inbuilt shelving where you can keep all your bathroom essentials. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to find those that will go perfectly in your bathroom.

Bathroom mirror cabinets

Mirrored bathroom cabinets are some of the most popular pieces of bathroom furniture. They are extremely practical, since they combine two bathroom essentials in one item. Mirrored cabinets can either be small, wall-mounted units, or larger freestanding ones with almost full-length mirrors fitted onto the front. The smaller ones are ideal for mounting above the basin, and the larger ones can serve as a full-length mirror – perfect for checking how you look before you head out for the day (or the night).

If you have a mirrored unit mounted above the sink, you may find that it gets splashed quite easily. Don’t worry, though – mirrors are very easy to clean! To keep your mirror completely spotless, clean it using baby oil and a paper towel.

To see bathstore’s full range of mirrored cabinets, take a look here.

Shapes and sizes

Bathroom cabinets are available in a huge range of sizes, and therefore you will be able to find one to suit any space. Some bathroom cabinets are significantly bigger than others, as they are built to accommodate for larger spaces, whereas others are built with a smaller bathroom in mind. They can be long and narrow or short and wide, and anything in between. At their longest, our cabinets can measure up to two metres tall and some of the wider cabinets can measure up to 1500mm – particularly if they incorporate an inset or semi-inset basin.

Some cabinets look essentially like a box with a door at the front, whereas others have a defined shape, with shelved sections, mirrors, as well as a combination of drawers and cupboards. Depending on how much space you have to play with, you can find a cabinet that will fit neatly into your bathroom suite.

Corner cabinets differ again, since these are built to slot into the corner of the room, doing the same job as the larger cabinets but in a more confined space. Corner cabinets may be better suited to a small bathroom or cloakroom.

Available in a huge range of styles!

Because of the variety of cabinets available, they can suit either a traditional or a contemporary bathroom suite. Sleek, minimalist cabinets with very straight edges may look best in a modern bathroom. More traditional bathroom cabinets – typically made in a cream or off-white – have softer edges, and the doors come with vintage-looking handles. Traditional cabinets are more likely to have quirky features than modern ones, like exposed shelves, such as this one here. These can look very attractive if decorated with bottles or jars.

In terms of colour, there are many different options from which you can choose. Like most bathroom furniture, white is a popular choice for bathroom cabinets. However, if you would prefer a wooden look, you can choose between a number of different shades, including oak and mahogany.

Cabinets are also available in bolder, darker tones, such as grey and black, which will look dynamic set against a pastel wall, as well as creams and off-whites which will suit an earthier colour scheme.

From steel to wood

Mirrored cabinets are typically made of stainless steel, which has a shiny finish and will make your bathroom look bigger by reflecting the space. Furthermore, stainless steel does not rust, making it ideal for a bathroom suite.

If you want a mirror, but fancy a unit that will match the rest of the furniture, mirrored cabinets are also available in white, oak, or mahogany, made using MCF (melamine faced chipboard), MDF (medium-density fibreboard) or plywood.

All bathstore bathroom cabinets are water-resistant, with sealed edges to ensure that the units don’t suffer within a very warm and humid room. This means that, if cleaned regularly and properly maintained, you can expect your bathroom cabinets to last you a very long time. Indeed, bathstore provide a guarantee of between two and five years for all their bathroom furniture, depending on the material.

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