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I want to know everything about... bathroom worktops

I want to know everything about bathroom worktops

For all those every-day essentials that you need within easy reach, a quality worktop can be the perfect finishing touch to your furniture units. Ideal for housing toothbrushes, soap, and face towels, this gives you a vital surface to help you maximise the space in your bathroom.

How they can be used

Bathroom worktops typically sit on top of cabinet or storage units, providing an extra surface on which you can store your favourite products, or any decorative pieces you’ve picked out for the room!

If you want this surface to double up as the space for your basin, you can have a basin fitted into it and still have room to spare on the side. Alternatively, these are the ideal spots for a wash bowl, so there are plenty of options for making your worktop as useful as you need.

The materials

Bathroom worktops are made to withstand the heat and damp conditions in a bathroom. The materials most commonly used include foil-wrapped particleboard and foil-wrapped MDF, and some are made with polymarble for a more spa-like finish.

Particleboard is a dense material that is very light and stable. It tends to be an inexpensive option, too, and is commonly used in furniture manufacturing.

MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is another wood substitute that is denser still than chipboard, and because it does not have a grain it is less vulnerable to splitting than particleboard. It is also very stable and therefore another reliable choice for a bathroom worktop.

Polymarble is essentially a man-made marble consisting of polyurethane resin, marble powder, and a gel coat finish. It is extremely durable, and any scratches that do occur can be easily repaired. This would look at home in an indulgent spa-styled bathroom.


To help you create the exact bathroom you’ve been planning, our worktops are available in a wide range of sizes. We list ours in terms of their width, primarily, which is the number that many of our worktops have in their product name – for example, ‘MyPlan 2400 countertop’.

At the smaller end of the spectrum are the 400mm worktops, and our largest ones measure at 2400mm wide.

In terms of their height, our worktops range from 25mm to 30mm, so they are sturdy without being cumbersome.

Our worktops are made with depths of between 305mm and 500mm, making them suitable for both full-sized and slimline units alike.

If your bathroom design requires slightly different measurements to the ones we’ve opted for, then worry not! The majority of our worktops can be cut to size to suit your needs, so you can get the bathroom of your dreams without having to compromise.


As well as varying in dimension, our worktops are made with a range of finishes to accommodate different styles of bathroom.

While many of our worktops come in a white gloss – which can match almost any bathroom ensemble – the ones from our MyPlan range are also available in new oak, walnut, and lava.

As part of our Waterside collection, we also stock worktops in black granite, white gloss, and white carrara. The black in particular can look really striking as part of both contemporary and modern bathrooms, and would complement a marble washbowl really nicely.

A bathroom worktop will really complete the look of your various units, whether you add a basin or keep things simple with a few accessories. With a huge variety of finishes and a range of sizes to choose from, you can find a worktop to match your dream bathroom décor.

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