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I want to know everything about... modular bathroom furniture

I want to know everything about modular bathroom furniture

Creating a bespoke design for your bathroom is easily accomplished with modular furniture. Made up of various different units that can be arranged according to your needs, this is the perfect solution to an unusually-shaped bathroom, or someone with an inclination to move stuff around every so often!

Made using a variety of quality materials, this range of furniture can help you create the bathroom layout that best suits you.

What is it?

Modular furniture consists of various units that are not fitted within the room – they can be moved about and adapted to suit your needs.

If you want a storage cabinet next to your basin unit, you can buy both independently and configure them within the room to exactly how you want them. If, after a couple of months, you decide that the cabinet would be better on the other side, then – space permitting – you can shift things around. It’s that simple!

When you buy modular bathroom furniture, you buy what is essentially the ‘modules’ themselves – the bits and pieces of the furniture that you can arrange to match the shape of your bathroom and what you need from it.

These modules include bath panels, cabinets and their inner panels, worktops, and basin or toilet units. This means you never have to buy a full set of bath panels if your bath is only exposed on one edge, and you can fit a basin to whichever side of the cabinet top you want.

The pros and cons

There are many benefits to modular bathroom furniture. You need only ever buy the units that you need, and if in future you find that you need extra room, you can simply purchase an extra unit (depending on how much room you’ve got available) or even an extra panel to fit inside your cabinet to maximise the space.

As we’ve already covered, modular furniture can be moved around to suit your needs. If you like the flexibility of being able to change up the layout of the room whenever you like, this kind of furniture allows you that freedom!

You can also use modular furniture to make the most of an awkward-shaped bathroom. Many of our modular units are designed to be slimline, so that tricky spaces won’t limit your options. This is especially helpful in cloakroom bathrooms, which can often be built into smaller, more unusually-shaped spaces, such as under the stairs.

In terms of the cons, there are relatively few. Historically, modular furniture has been regarded as lower quality than fitted. However, we at bathstore ensure that every piece of furniture we stock is made with quality in mind, and all the materials we use to create our modular furniture items are water-resistant, making them an ideal option for the bathroom.

The flexible nature of modular furniture has also led some people to consider it to look generic. We tackled this issue head-on, making all our furniture available in a range of colours, including White, Walnut, New Oak, and Lava. You can mix and match pieces in different colours to really emphasise the bespoke nature of your design.

The materials

Our furniture is made from a range of water-resistant materials to make them as durable as possible.

Many of our units are made using foil-wrapped MDF (medium-density fibreboard), which is both dense and durable, as well as being relatively inexpensive. Other frequently-used materials are MFC (melamine faced chipboard) and acrylic-wrapped particle board. 

Our modular basins are made using polymarble, which uses marble powder to enhance its strength. Scratches in polymarble are easily repaired, and since it is a resin it can be moulded into a number of shapes, helping you find a unique finishing touch for your bathroom. 

For a really flexible solution for your bathroom, modular furniture can create a bespoke design that can suit even the most awkward of spaces. With many options to choose from in terms of colour and material, you can easily find a unit or combination of units that will transform your bathroom without costing the earth!


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