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For a really neat piece of bathroom furniture that is elegant, practical, and will create extra storage room, a toilet and sink unit may be ideal. They conceal the pipework and cistern, leaving just the toilet bowl at the front, and the smooth, sleek lines of the unit will make this bathroom essential look very attractive. Comprising of the toilet, a basin and one or two cupboards, these units, which are also often called ‘toilet and basin units’, fit flat against the wall and will turn bathroom necessities into a feature of the suite.

Why you should get one

A toilet and sink unit is an easy way to make the most of the space in your bathroom. Your toilet cistern and basin pipework will be discreetly concealed within the panels, giving your bathroom fixtures a sleek, attractive finish.

One or more cupboards are fitted into the unit, creating extra space for storing essential items; further space can be made on the panel on top of the cistern. The cistern itself is hidden but is very easy to access, giving you all of the neatness of the unit but with the convenience of being able to maintain everything easily.

Where it will look best

A flat wall is essential for a toilet and sink unit. The back line of the unit is completely straight, so your wall must be suitable for fitting the unit, or else it will look out of place. In terms of bathroom size, these could work in both bigger and smaller rooms.

If you have a small bathroom, this unit could fit neatly into an alcove or a portion of one of the walls, leaving you plenty of room for a bath or shower, since two elements of the standard three-piece-suite will already have been fitted.

If you have a larger bathroom to work with, a unit like this could also work very nicely, taking care of two bathroom essentials and leaving room for other things such as a freestanding bath.

Style and design

Depending on how much space you have available to play with, you can opt for a sink and toilet unit with either one or more inbuilt cupboards underneath the basin. Units with just one cupboard are likely to be between 700mm and 915mm wide, whereas units with two cupboards may be between 1050mm and 1500mm wide.

In terms of depth, our toilet and sink units measure between 240mm and 520mm deep, so even in small bathrooms, your toilet and sink unit won’t be intrusive on the limited space.

Where the depth and height of toilet and sink units vary, you’ll typically find that the units have a pretty standard height, since most toilets are a similar size. Basins have to be a certain height to make them fit for purpose. As such, most toilet and sink units are just over 800mm tall.

These units are available in a range of colours to match your bathroom suite. One of the most popular colours is white, since it matches almost all bathroom furniture and fixtures. However, you can also opt for units made in wooden tones, such as oak or mahogany.

Toilet and sink units are typically made of either MDF (medium-density fibre) or MFC (melamine faced chipboard), but some have been styled in a way that resembles wood, which can look very attractive as part of a larger wooden-style suite.

The basin, too, can come in two different styles. Some basins are full built into the countertop, whereas others are semi-inset, with half of it protruding out from the unit. The basins built into these units tend to be angular, often rectangle-shaped, rather than curved. The unit itself is also typically quite angular with sleek and defined lines, which means it is most likely to suit a contemporary bathroom suite rather than a traditionally-styled one.

Interested in finding a basin to fit in the toilet and sink unit of your choice? Take a look at our comprehensive guide to inset and semi inset basins.

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