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Is furniture a good idea for a bathroom?

The average bathroom is home to so many different bits and bobs that creating storage space is not only sensible, but necessary. Bathroom storage can be incredibly attractive, even as a feature piece in your bathroom suite, as well as being practical and space-saving. There are many different options available, so whatever your bathroom shape, size or style, there will be furniture to suit it.

Saving space

Bathroom furniture need not take up much room. It can be compact and practical as well as stylish. If you are working with limited space but still want storage units to house all your bathroom essentials, there are many options available, including under-basin storage. With a shelf or drawer underneath your basin, you can store towels, soaps and other everyday items that you don’t have room for elsewhere.

You can also opt for a mirror cabinet; since mirrors are absolutely essential in any bathroom suite, you can save on space by choosing a wall-mountable unit with a mirror on the front. These types of units are ideal for cloakrooms. Mirror cabinets typically come in a rectangular shape, but you can buy oval ones, too. In terms of style, most of them will suit a modern bathroom suite with sharp, defined lines, but some are made to look right at home in a more traditional bathroom, such as this one.

Alternatively, even if you opt for the larger storage units, these can be mounted onto the wall into any space you have available. Even if there is only a small section of wall for storage to fit against, you are likely to find a unit that will work in that space. Bathroom storage units can be short and wide or tall and thin, which makes finding something to fit into your bathroom easy.

Statement pieces

A bold, statement piece of bathroom furniture can transform the way your suite looks. Either as freestanding units or wall-mounted cabinets, these can be both eye-catching and practical. Bathroom storage units are available in a wide range of colours, so you can create a really dynamic look to your bathroom by having a unit in a striking shade, which will stand out from the rest of your suite, click here.

If you have a large family, all of whom need a collection of different bottles, products, or other bath-time items, you could be well-served having a large and spacious unit to house everything; these need not be hidden. You can make a feature out of any furniture, from units to shelves, and there are plenty of options available to make your bathroom look stylish, sophisticated and commanding.


A common worry about bathroom furniture is that the material will not withstand the intense heat and humidity of a bathroom. However, most bathroom furniture units are made with water-resistant materials in order to keep them looking good and working effectively for as long as possible.

Many units have sealed edges, which prevents damp or mould from affecting their appearance and functionality, while the adjustable feet on the freestanding cabinets stops them being directly in contact with wet floors. Every effort is made to ensure that bathroom storage units are a practical and stylish addition to your suite, able to cope with the temperature and condensation, and be fit for purpose for a very long time.

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