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Traditional or contemporary?

Traditional and contemporary are two of the most popular styles of bathroom suites available. One harks back to a bygone era, with lines and cuts reminiscent of the Victorians, and the other combines sharp lines and soft curves to create something minimal, sleek, and modern.

Both styles can be very dynamic and make your bathroom look inviting. A mixture of styles can also look very stylish if done well, but it is often a good idea to choose one style and stick to it throughout the room, especially if it’s a small bathroom.


From roll-top baths with cast iron feet to drawer units with decorated handles, all your bathroom fixtures and furniture can evoke a feel of a former time. Your storage units and cabinets can match this perfectly, especially the freestanding cabinets with inset basins. A shabby chic look can be achieved with traditional bathroom furniture, with good quality, rustic-looking cabinets that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Freestanding cabinets are often the best for designing a traditional bathroom suite. Resting slightly off the ground on four feet, these look great with an inset basin, paired with twisty, period-effect taps. Subtle colours work best with traditional bathroom furniture, but this can be jazzed up by having a statement wall colour – the contrast between the two will be very striking and effective. Patterned tiles or ones in a vibrant shade will also contrast subtle furniture very nicely, and can add a glossy sheen to the wall that will really open up the space.

For more ideas on how you can use bathroom tiles to transform the room, take a look at our guide to bathroom tiles.

There is of course a touch of the modern about traditional furniture, in as much as you can be sure that all units are made well to withstand the heat and humidity of a bathroom suite. This is a luxury that the Victorians could not be guaranteed, but you needn’t worry about such things in the 21st century.

bathstore’s Timeless and Traditional collections are a great place to start when looking for quality bathroom furniture in this style; every piece is water-resistant and sealed around the edges.


For many people, a sleek and modern looking bathroom is preferable to the traditional look. From square basins to wet rooms, modern bathroom fixtures can evoke the feel of a spa, creating a luxurious room where bathing is more an experience than a necessity.

If this is the look you are going for, then there are plenty of bathroom furniture options to suit. These units are usually quite angular, without the softer edges that traditional furniture might offer, creating sharp lines that flow around the room.

Drawers are often soft-closing, rather than fitted with a handle, and bolder colours are more frequently used in contemporary furniture. Shelving and wall-mounted box-style units are typical here, as well as square taps and basins.

bathstore’s Contemporary collection is also water-resistant and sealed at the edges to prevent damp and condensation having an adverse effect.

Both contemporary and traditional furniture can be as space-saving or as ostentatious as you like, with different shapes and sizes of cabinets and units available that satisfy both styles. Whichever look you are aiming for, you can find luxury, good quality items that will transform your bathroom suite and will stand the test of time.

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