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What colour should I choose for my bathroom furniture?

From pure, glossy white to bold, statement shades, there are many different options in terms of which colours to choose for your bathroom furniture. Whichever colour you pick will have to work well with the rest of the suite – you will have to evaluate how the colour interacts within the space, featuring alongside tiles, wall colour and even the different materials.

Whether you want something neutral or something that stands out, there will be something to suit you. Take a look at this quick and handy guide to help you decide which colour will work best within the space you have available.


This match-all colour could be a perfect addition to your bathroom suite. Within ‘white’, there are many different shades available, from the brilliant, shiny whites through to the creams, ivories and off-whites. These will suit a range of different styles, but it is important to know what overall look you are going for in the suite before you can pick which shade would work best.

If you are teaming white bathroom furniture with a statement wall, or any other fixtures in a vivid, stand-out colour, you will be best served choosing a neutral, plain, bright white. This will offset the other colours beautifully, creating a perfect contrast between them and making each one pop.

One of the biggest aesthetic benefits of white furniture is that it will go with almost any floor. It could look good with a white tiled floor (patterned or not), or indeed any coloured tile with a hint of white in the pattern – having white bathroom furniture could bring this out beautifully.


If your bathroom fixtures are an off-white, then pairing these with a bright white may create a clash of shades. If the walls or tiles, are a creamy or off-white, then you may be better off avoiding bright whites altogether, instead either matching the shades perfectly or opting for something completely different. In this instance, wooden bathroom furniture may do the trick.

Wooden fixtures could well be referred to as ‘shabby chic’ or ‘vintage’, so if you’re looking to give your bathroom suite that Victorian appeal, wooden furniture could look perfect. The vintage look often includes roll-top baths, ornate mirrors and an off-white appearance; the texture of wooden furniture will add to this appeal.

If you like the idea of wooden furniture, you can get really attractive-looking units in mahogany or oak shades. The lighter wooden tones will look great set against a white background, whereas the darker, mahogany wood can create a really dynamic look if paired with a light, statement colour, such as a mint green or pastel blue. Darker shades are probably at their best in bigger bathrooms, since they might look overpowering in a smaller room. Lighter shades work fantastically in a modern bathroom, and will give the room an airy, natural look that will feel very fresh.


Some bathroom furniture is available in really striking colours which, when paired with a more neutral background, can stand out beautifully in your suite. Blues and greens will match a white background nicely and reflect the watery nature of the room.

Alternatively, if you want to make your bathroom suite look very modern, sharp, and dynamic, you can opt for glossy black bathroom furniture. This will look equally attractive with white or coloured walls and will create a very dramatic and elegant look for your suite.

Bathroom furniture can stand out or blend in as much as you like, depending on which colour you choose. Bold, statement pieces will look very striking in any bathroom suite, especially more modern ones, and you can create beautiful patterns of colour by matching your furniture with other features, such as the floor, or walls. There are a huge range of colours available, so it is really very easy to personalise your bathroom suite exactly how you would like to.

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