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How do I decide on a bathroom colour scheme?

Deciding on colour schemes for any room in your house can be tricky and often leads to a rough array of painted patches on the wall, and swatches of fabric on the windowsills. Choosing a colour scheme for the bathroom can seem altogether more complicated, partly because you’ll want it to complement your bathroom fittings, curtains or blinds, and flooring, as well as bath linen, such as towels and bathmats.

Additionally, it’s worth thinking about the colour of your bathroom furniture. Everything from your cupboards and cabinets to your vanity units will need to match your bathroom colour scheme, so it’s worth checking out what colours your furniture is available in. For more information about bathroom furniture, check out our buyer’s guide.

With all this to take into consideration, as well as how you want the room to actually look and feel by the end, the choice can be a little overwhelming. To break it down, here’s a guide to help you choose a colour scheme that’s right for you.

Bright and bold

If you’ve got a bit of creative flair, then don’t be afraid to go for bright and bold colours in your décor. If you’ve chosen a white or monochrome coloured bathroom suite, then a dash of bold colour will work really well to bring life and light to the room.

Unlike most other rooms in the house, there’s much less wall space that is actually exposed, due to the bathroom fittings and furniture taking up most of the wall space. A brighter paint colour will simply work as a background to complement the features in the bathroom.

Clean bright white or gloss white furniture would create a neutral base to offset bright and bold paint colours and décor, creating a vibrant space that isn’t overpowering.

Serene and soothing

If you want your bathroom to be the one space in the house that offers you peace and tranquillity, then you’ll want to opt for pale and pastel colours that subtly bring warmth and light to the room. 

Pale colours such as green, blue and coral are favourites for bathroom colours as they tie the room together without being eye-catching or over powering – perfect if you want to soak in the tub after a hard day.

Incorporating pastel coloured furniture into your design will really add to a calming and serene atmosphere. Our sea blue, sage green or stone brown furniture would all be great colours to complement a soothing space.


If you want to go for a simple scheme that will truly stand the test of time, then opt for a neutral colour scheme. Whilst the colours aren’t exactly eye catching, most neutral tones are warm and subtle, and match a range of different colours.

You can play around with the colour scheme adding darker and lighter tones, to create a more designer feel to your bathroom. Not only are neutral tones easy to work with, but they have a timeless appeal – which will work with your bathroom for years to come.

Neutral tones would work well with coco bolo woodgrain, oak woodgrain and white furniture, to bring a light, natural and airy feel to the space – particularly for traditional or country bathrooms. Similarly, our oak or wenge furniture will bring a more contemporary natural finish to the space.

Dark and mysterious

Many people are put off using a dark colour scheme in their bathroom, possibly because it’s a common myth that dark colours can make a room seem smaller. However, this is only really true if you don’t consider the light in the bathroom. In reality, darker colours in a bathroom can give an air of sophistication and panache, if done correctly.

By using mirrors and clever lighting (such as mirrored lights) you can transform a dark, dingy room into a designer bathroom. Additionally, dark colours can be broken up using a splash of colour, so don’t be afraid to experiment to see which contrasting colours might work in the space.

Dark coloured furniture, such as our black, gun metal grey or charcoal furniture, can add a dash of designer glamour to your space. Alternatively, why not opt for wood finished furniture, such as our grey avola woodgrain, driftwood woodgrain or amazonas woodgrain for a more timeless finish?

Light, bright and airy

If you’re in doubt, white or off-white shades and coloured linen are a safe option. It might seem boring, but a clean white does wonders for making a room bright and refreshing. What’s more, white goes with almost anything, which not only means you’re making a safe bet when it comes to matching your new bathroom suite, you can also accessorise with colourful furniture, framed mirrors and linens.

Alternatively, if you’re happy to keep things calm and tranquil, a simple white will accentuate clean lines, keeping that minimalist and designer look in your bathroom for years to come. Because white is so versatile, you can choose any type of bathroom linen to match. Pastel or neutral colours, such as sea blue or sage green, will work particularly well, if you’re going for a calm but contemporary look.


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