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I just want a timeless, 'simple' bathroom suite...

While both contemporary and traditional bathrooms make a stylish addition to the home, a simple, practical one is just as important an asset. However, updating your bathroom can be as straightforward as finding a well-designed bathroom suite that will age well along with your home over the coming years. For many of us, it isn’t about making a statement; it’s about finding “a normal bathroom”.

If you want to update your old bathroom with something you can be confident will remain smart for years to come, here’s a guide to choosing the right bathroom suite for you.

Functional and versatile

Function is the key to creating a truly timeless bathroom design. Being practical doesn’t necessarily mean being boring or unstylish. A timeless bathroom suite can still have panache, even in its simple design. A timeless suite is both versatile and adaptable, so you can change the décor and accessories, meaning your bathroom moves with the times.

This way, a timeless design is understated, as you can create a sophisticated bathroom that can incorporate elements of traditional or contemporary designs too. While stylishly-designed bathrooms aim to make a statement, the purpose of a timeless design is to look good without being overpowering and, more importantly, to be a practical and functional space.

Neither cutting-edge nor too ornate in design, the timeless element of these designs lies in their simplicity. Additionally, timeless suites, such as our MyTime range, have a fresh and simple design which is contemporary yet adaptable enough to work with changing design trends. This way, if you decide to change your décor in the years to come, you can be rest assured your timeless suite will work with whatever changes you make to the space.

Back to normality

So what features are you likely to find in a timeless bathroom suite? The bathroom fittings will incorporate sleek, modern design without being too minimalist – like a contemporary design. Similarly, you won’t find intricate detail or anything too ornate in a timeless design as you would in traditional bathroom suite.

While the design is generally simple, you can expect to find all modern features of bathroom fittings, such as push button flushes for the toilet and elegant mixer taps for basins, baths and showers. Additionally, you’ll still have the option to choose wall-hung fittings if you’re looking for space-saving solutions.

Tips to be timeless

Simplicity is important for ensuring your bathroom remains timeless over the years. Choosing a simple but sleek bathroom suite will update your old bathroom, and incorporating simple, temporary décor will also give you the option to continuously update the space over time.

Neutral colours always complement simple designs well, and give you the option to accessorise with either modern or traditional style furnishings or accessories.

If you’d rather incorporate some colour for a brighter, fresher design, opt for a temporary décor to preserve the timelessness.

Walls can easily be repainted if you change your mind in the future. Towels and fabrics, such as bold shower curtains, work well to inject a bit of colour and brightness into the room to look fresh and modern. However, bold patterns date quickly, so these can also be changed if you want to update the design in the future.

In addition to your suite, it’s also well worth considering your floor and wall tiles to make sure they work in conjunction with a timeless aesthetic. Simple, elegant tiles really do stand the test of time, and are adaptable enough to work with any changes in décor in the years to come.  Tiles with a stone effect create a classic timeless appeal than never goes out of style.

Timeless in style and build

A simple design should stand the test of time in terms of both design and the way it is built. While the versatile nature of the design means a timeless bathroom will still look modern in years to come, it needs to be built to last too.

If you’re remodelling the family bathroom, for example, you’ll want a bathroom that’s easy to clean and to keep it looking fresh and new. Main or family bathrooms need to be built to withstand plenty of use from everyone in the house.

Interested in a timeless bathroom suite? Check out our full range here!

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