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When it comes to creating the perfect contemporary style bathroom, simplicity is the key to creating a cool, clean look. Modern and contemporary bathroom suites are minimalist by design and will typically have modern taps and features. A contemporary bathroom suite will have clean lines and edges to give a sharp, modern aesthetic.

If you’re revamping your old bathroom and are thinking about fitting an ultra-modern bathroom, here’s everything you need to know about contemporary suites.

Slick and stylish

A contemporary bathroom really can be a stylish addition to your home and will keep its sophisticated appearance for years to come.  Minimalism is the main feature of any contemporary design, so you can typically expect sleek design with plumbing and pipework hidden away.

Fittings, such as toilets and basins, can be wall-hung, which looks stylish and adds to the appearance of clean lines throughout the room. Basinswithout a pedestal, such as wall hung basins, will also work well with this aesthetic, creating a feeling of spaciousness inside the room.

You might also consider including a vanity unit, as these provide excellent storage so your bathroom products don’t clutter up the space. A cool and sophisticated vanity unit can be a stylish addition to your contemporary bathroom.

You might also consider a washbowl rather than a basin in your new bathroom. With clean lines and a sleek, moulded finish, a washbowl encompasses everything about contemporary design. Washbowls come in different sizes and shapes to suit both larger and smaller spaces, and they can easily create something of a real feature in any bathroom.

Bath and/or shower

The biggest question regarding your new, contemporary bathroom is the ‘bath or shower’ conundrum. If you’ve got the space, an elegant, freestanding bath and separate shower enclosure will work perfectly with the minimalist, contemporary style. However, if space doesn’t allow for both, consider fitting a modern shower bath which gives you the best of both worlds; with the right design, it can also work well within a contemporary space.

If the kids are grown up and no longer living at home, and your idea of relaxation is taking spacious steamy showers rather than soaking in the tub, you can always convert the old bathroom into a stylish shower room.

If space is a little on the short side, consider choosing a stylish shower enclosure with a sliding or hinge door to maximise on space. Alternatively, take inspiration from our continental cousins and consider fitting out a contemporary wet room-style shower space.

You can have the entire room tanked and waterproofed if space allows the shower to be far enough away from the other fittings to prevent them from being splashed. Alternatively, a frameless shower screen makes for a chic shower room.

Contemporary and concealed

Keeping with the minimalist theme, a contemporary bathroom suite will typically comprise of fixtures and fittings that are streamlined by design. This means that plumbing and pipework for all bathroom fittings will generally be hidden away. Wall-hung sinks and toilets might be seen as typical in a contemporary style bathroom.

Similarly, contemporary designs for showers will have concealed valves, meaning pipework and valves are hidden in the wall out of sight, contributing to the minimalist appearance. Toilets might be wall-hung or, alternatively, might have cisterns concealed in the wall or behind tiles with a removable panel for maintenance.

Brassware and accessories

It’s easy to overlook the style of brassware, taps and other fittings you’ll install in your new bathroom, but these aren’t just an afterthought, they’re the finishing touches that really tie the suite together. Chrome taps really complement the design of a contemporary style bathroom, with clean crisp lines that are easy to polish up to keep them looking as good as new for years to come.

Style is also important to consider here, as the taps and additional fittings should work well to really highlight the style and design features of your suite. Contemporary taps can be the perfect finish to your suite, whereas wall-mounted taps for baths and basins are a popular choice to complement the clean lines of a modern bathroom. Deck-mounted mixer taps are a great choice if you’re going for a fuss-free minimalist aesthetic.

Additionally, it’s important to choose taps and fittings that will work with the furniture you have chosen for the bathroom. For example, you can’t use a mixer tap for a basin designed with two tap holes!

Heated towel rails are not only useful and practical for ensuring your towel is always soft, fluffy and warm whenever you come to use it, but they’re also stylish and minimalist from a design perspective too. While bathroom radiators are equally functional, the gleaming chrome finish along with the stylish design really does put the finishing touches to a contemporary-style bathroom.

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