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I want to know everything about... designer bathroom suites

A designer bathroom is the ultimate in decadent and luxurious interior design. For those of you who are serious about relaxing, pampering, and have a taste for the finer things in life, a designer bathroom is well worth the investment.

The basic appeal of a designer bathroom is having the opportunity to create something truly special and unique in your own home. Whilst creating something bespoke to suit your own tastes, a designer bathroom can be a real statement. Additionally, a stylish, designer bathroom is considered well worth the investment, and will be an asset to your home if and when it comes to selling the property in the future.

So, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and creating a unique and luxurious spa-like space in your own home, here’s everything you need to know about designer bathrooms.

Be different, be designer

Most contemporary or traditional style bathrooms can truly have a unique and stylish edge to them, making them a real feature in the home. Designer-style means breaking the rules and creating something fresh and distinctive, which may, in fact, blend modern and traditional features.

A large, free-standing tub is the focal point of any traditional-style bathroom. Even though a designer bathroom is largely contemporary in design, a large freestanding bath makes for a glamourous centre piece. Unlike traditional-style bathrooms, which feature roll-top or slipper baths, a tub with a more modern design is likely to take centre stage in a designer bathroom.

Additionally, décor and accessories are both key to creating a truly glamourous, statement-making bathroom. Everything from your choice of brassware to the type of flooring and the colour you paint on the walls or the tiles you use (if you choose to do so) plays a part in bringing a cutting edge design together.

Bath and shower

The designer bathroom echoes the feeling of a luxurious boutique hotel. Space is an advantage for creating the ultimate place to pamper, so a large deluxe bath and separate walk in or walk-through shower are all key features. When you get home from a hard day at work, there’s nothing quite like heading to the most stunning room in the house for a bit of rest and relaxation.

If limited space doesn’t allow for both, then you can install a cutting-edge wet room or frameless walk-through shower for a deluxe, open-plan shower sanctuary. Alternatively, an ultra-slick freestanding bath with a detachable shower hose could be a fitting compromise, giving the best of both worlds whilst still exuding a truly individual appearance.

Decadent design tips

When creating a statement or designer bathroom you can take inspiration from cutting-edge interior design trends, which will be reflected in your décor and bathroom accessories too. You could collate your ideas together using a mood board – collecting images, text and colour swatches for designs you’d like to apply to your bathroom.

Take inspiration from famous interior designers and create a feature wall, either by painting it with a bold colour or by investing in a luxurious patterned wallpaper, to create your own boutique bathroom. Using monochrome colour, such as gloss black, white and charcoal greys, can create a decadent design. Dark colours, such as black and charcoal grey, create a striking contrast against a white bathroom suite, which in itself makes a bold statement. Or why not add a touch of glamour with gold coloured accessories and stunning light fixtures to create a real feature of your space?

The all-important finishing touches

Because a designer bathroom is your own private spa-like retreat, the brassware and accessories will also be that little bit extra special. There’s a variety of interesting a stylish designs available which truly break away from the norm.

Whilst traditional and contemporary bathroom suites are complemented by brassware that is in-keeping with that particular style, designer and boutique bathrooms mean you can break the rules in favour of eclectic style. So, if you’ve got a luxurious and modern style bath, you could opt for a more traditional style of tap, such as chrome plated crossheads, for a chic look.

Alternatively, you could opt for something completely cutting-edge, such as the open water or waterfall tap, which is quite the feature in itself. Giving the effect and appearance of a waterfall, this style of tap is the ultimate in pure luxury and indulgence. 

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