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There isn’t a more elegant concept for your new bathroom than by incorporating a traditional style into the design. If you’ve got plenty of space to work with, a bathroom that promotes a sense of grandeur couldn’t be better. It’s worth noting that a traditional bathroom doesn’t mean “old-fashioned”, largely because this classic look never goes out of style.

Another misconception is that a traditional-style bathroom is for traditional-style houses, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Any bathroom can be transformed into an elegant and classy space that’s perfect for relaxing, unwinding and pampering yourself in a sophisticated room, which can be completely different from the rest of the house.

If you’re considering refitting your old bathroom with a classic-style suite, here’s everything you’ll need to know.

The bathtub - the focal point

There are lots of features which help to create the overall look of a traditional-style bathroom. Traditional bathrooms tend to look best in rooms that are generously sized; this is largely down to the fact that the centrepiece of the traditional bathroom is the bath itself.

A classic bathroom will have an elegant freestanding bath, which works as the focal point for the room. Freestanding tubs boasting a sophisticated and traditional style might typically have a roll-top edge, cast iron feet or be a slipper bath which is raised at one side – to offer back support whilst you indulge in a relaxing soak in the tub.

Whilst a freestanding bath tends to be the norm for more traditional-style bathroom suites, an alternative is to opt for more of a country style, which would have a built-in bath rather than a freestanding one.

Inspired by traditional design

While more contemporary-style bathrooms promote clean lines and a simple, minimalist design, a traditional-style room will include more elegant design features.

Basins tend to be more ornate in their design. This could include more angular edges or patterns and detail incorporated into the basin itself. Traditional-style basins will be mounted on a pedestal which hides the plumbing, or inserted into a suitable vanity unit with doors. Alternatively, you might take inspiration from more traditional style of sanitaryware and consider a basin stand which can be a classic and elegant feature of any traditional style bathroom.

Similarly, toilets are more of a statement in a traditional style bathroom than they are in a minimalist, contemporary bathroom. While most toilets are designed to have smaller or entirely concealed cisterns, a toilet in a traditional bathroom may echo the design of old toilets, with the cistern mounted high above the toilet itself, complete with an eloquent pull chain-operated flush.

Authentic style brassware and taps

You can truly complete that timeless, classic aesthetic by your choice of brassware, taps and accessories. Crosshead taps are common in traditional style bathrooms, as these are not only inspired by older styles, but their decorative design highlights the eloquent features of the room.

Brass taps can bring a truly authentic finish to the room, appearing somewhat antique in style. Alternatively, a highly-polished chrome coating still gives a luxurious finish to the room, particularly where this also incorporates a porcelain handle and a rose shower head attachment.

Finishing touches and accessories

Of course, you’ll want to decorate your bathroom to reflect and complement the traditional fixtures and fittings. While ladder heated towel rails are a popular choice for the modern bathroom, they are less fitting for a traditional-style bathroom. However, a heated towel rail which incorporates a period inspired radiator might be a more functional option than keeping a modern radiator, and will be a more fitting choice for the overall style of the room.

Additional fixtures and fittings, such as robe hooks, towel rings and toilet roll holders, all contribute something to the room’s overall finish. Choose accessories that match and complement your taps and brassware to add the finishing touches to a truly decadent and luxurious space!

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