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I'm on a tight budget... Can I still find a cheap bathroom suite that I'll love?

The cost of remodelling a bathroom can vary greatly depending on whether you’re fitting a designer or luxury bathroom, or updating your current bathroom.

Not everyone has lots of cash to splash to transform their bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary, but you’ll still want an updated good quality bathroom, whatever you’re looking to spend. Bathrooms are an investment, so even if you’ve got a shoestring budget to stick to, buying poor quality fittings is likely to cost you more in the long run.

The key is to buy good quality fittings that are affordable. Incorporate some clever design tricks and you’ll have a great bathroom without breaking the bank.

Quality, quality, quality

Quality is important whatever we spend our money on, but it’s all the more important when it comes to investing in a bathroom. There are bathroom suites out there at extremely reasonable prices that seem too good to be true – namely because they are.

Incredibly, poor quality suites are likely to age quickly and could even break, split or crack, which could lead to leaks. Dealing with the damage of a leak is likely to cost you more in the future, not to mention having to replace the suite long before you should have to.

Additionally, if you’re updating your bathroom, you don’t want to spend money refitting it with something that isn’t durable, as it’s likely to see plenty of use over the years.

Style and substance

A bathroom suite is the best option if you’ve got a tight budget to stick to, as a suite will include the toilet, basin and a tub. Typically, the bath will be the most expensive item in the suite, with cast iron bath tubs costing well into the thousands.

If you’re not creating a statement bathroom with a freestanding tub taking centre stage, then a simple acrylic bath will cost significantly less. Tub designs using acrylic have advanced significantly over the years, so you no longer need to worry about squeaking around as you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Alternatively, if you’d rather invest more of your budget into your new tub, then why not consider buying a stylish, good quality basin and toilet set, such as this, which could help you free up more of your budget to buy a bath separately?

While cheaper bathroom suites won’t be designed in-line with the most cutting-edge trends, like contemporary suites, you’ll be able to find sleek, modern designs that will stand the test of time in terms of style.

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Whether you’re installing a swish shower enclosure or opting for the space-saving bath shower, shower fittings can mean additional expenditure. Electric showers can be cheap, and you can install some models on your own, if you’ve got the right skills and DIY knowledge to plumbing and electrics; otherwise these will need to be fitted by a qualified professional, which you’ll need to account for in your budget.

Mixer showers are another option which is kind to budgets, but these will also require the assistance of a plumber to be fitted. A mixer shower is fitted to the bath taps, making it the most logical solution for space-saving shower baths.

The same amount of care should be taken when choosing a shower tray and enclosure. Ceramic, stone resin and steel are the material of choice for shower trays, but can come with a bigger price tag. Good quality SMC (sheet moulding composite) shower trays are durable, robust and won’t cost you the earth. 


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