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Should the bathroom be tiled before or after fitting the units?

Tiling is one of the best ways to properly finish a bathroom. While tiling might seem expensive from the outset, it’s the perfect way to give your bathroom a real sense of panache. There are many benefits to tiling a bathroom aside from looking great - they’re relatively low maintenance, easy to clean, and will last for years to come.

Porcelain tiles have proven to be a popular option for bathroom flooring, not least because they are resilient and less likely to be affected by high moisture levels, unlike laminate or wood flooring options.

When it comes to building the dream bathroom, whether you’re calling the professionals or doing a DIY job, there are lots of things to think about before you begin creating a stylish and elegant bathroom that will be a real asset to your home.

There are different approaches to tiling a bathroom and this depends on what fittings are being installed:


If you are having a bath fitted, tiling will always be done once the bath has been fitted and the plumbing is complete. This is the case whether it’s a wall-fitted, corner, freestanding or shower bath.


If a shower enclosure is being fitted, the tiling should be done after the shower tray has been installed. The rest of the enclosure is fitted after the tiling has been completed.

The reason in both of these cases is to ensure that the fittings are properly sealed to prevent leaks from causing damage to other parts of the bathroom. You’ll find that different tilers have different methods for tiling, but most tilers and fitters would fit other items after the tiling has been done. In every case, tilers will need to properly seal all fittings to safeguard against water ingress and other damage which could be caused by leaks.

Additionally, many tillers favour this method as it eliminates the need to cut tiles to fit around fittings, toilets, units and basins.

If you’d like to discover more information about tiles for your bathroom, why not read our dedicated ‘Bathroom tiles buyer’s guide’?

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