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What different bathroom suites' styles can I choose from?

The style of every home is different, so when you’re thinking about remodelling your bathroom, it’s hard to decide on what style of suite would work best. Refitting the bathroom is a long term and more permanent project than decorating other rooms in the house, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a suite that’s right for you.

When you’re considering different designs for your new space, it might be helpful to create a mood board to get a better idea of the styles you like. Simply cut out and keep any images or text from magazines of materials that you feel might work in your space, and create a collage to get all your ideas in one place.

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A matter of style

Whether you’ve got a contemporary or traditional style throughout the house, you might feel restricted to creating a bathroom that’s in-keeping with that style. However, as your bathroom remodel is a much larger project and more permanent by design, it’s your opportunity to create something totally unique – especially as rooms in the rest of the house may change while you are living there.

So even if most of your house is designed in a traditional style, choosing a contemporary style bathroom suite that complements the features in the bathroom wouldn’t necessarily seem out of sync. Additionally, it’s always good to future-proof and consider bathroom suites that are designed to really stand the test of time.

The right suite for your home

There are many ways to narrow down what type of bathroom suite will be right for you, but two of the most important things to take into consideration are the amount of space you’re working with and what your needs are.

Whether you have limited space, or more than you know what to do with, it’s always worth playing around with some layout ideas before choosing the right type of bathroom suite. If you’ve got a large space, you might consider opting for a more ornate or traditional style bathroom to give a sense of grandeur.

If you’ve got less space to work with, you might consider installing something a little more contemporary. Smaller spaces and ensuite bathrooms might mean opting for savvy space-saving solutions, such as basins without a pedestal or wall-mounted bathroom fittings.

You might also like to consider short projection toilets for small or tight spaces. These cleverly designed toilets have a shorter projection than a standard toilet, so they take up less space in small bathrooms, and they have all the same features as standard toilets without encroaching on precious space.

Secondly, you need to think about how the bathroom is going to work for you in your home. If you’ve got a young family, you’ll need a robust and practical tub to bathe the little ones. If the kids have grown up and flown the nest, you might be thinking about installing a much more detailed and luxurious bathroom – creating a spa-like sanctuary in your own home.

In short, you’ll need to think about what kind of a bathroom suite is really going to work for you and your home. 

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