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Why should I opt for a complete bathroom suite?

The bathroom is an important part of any home, and while other rooms in the house can easily be switched around and redecorated as and when is needed, a bathroom is much more of a long term investment. The bathroom sees a lot of use during its life in the home, with the typical family bathroom seeing continual use from everyone in the house on a daily basis. So it goes without saying that a bathroom needs to be durable and hardwearing as well as stylish and contemporary, in order for it to stand the test of time.

If you’re remodelling or redesigning your bathroom, it could well mean replacing all the fittings at once, in which case it could be more beneficial to choose a complete bathroom suite.

The key to coordination

The main advantage of choosing a complete bathroom suite rather than opting for individual fittings is that it gives you complete control and coordination in terms of style, material and colour. Nothing makes a bathroom more complete than matching fittings of the same style, which simply makes choosing furniture, accessories and linens much easier.

Additionally, a coordinated bathroom suite makes both choosing the right type of tile and the right colour paint for decorating much easier, as you’ve essentially created a theme for the room.

Coordinating your fittings isn’t always as simple it might appear. Not all colours are an exact match and even the slightest difference in shade can make a massive difference to the appearance. For example, not every shade of white is the same, Old English white and white gloss have different finishes and will, therefore, contrast quite significantly. This is one of the many advantages to buying a complete suite from the same range, ensuring that different fittings are all in the same colour shade.

Traditional vs. contemporary

Most bathrooms are designed in-keeping with your home’s overall style. If you’ve got a rustic country cottage or a large old Victorian home, you might be looking at a more traditional style bathroom suite, which promotes a sense of grandeur and complements the features throughout your home.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a new build or a relatively modern design throughout your home, you might be more interested in choosing a stylish and contemporary bathroom suite. Either way, by choosing a complete bathroom suite, you’re minimising the risk of buying fittings that don’t complement each other or the style of your home.

Simplifying the process

While the bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, it’s one of the most complicated to redesign, simply because of the amount of features, fixtures and fittings. In addition to your bathroom suite, there are a great number of other items you’ll have to purchase. These could include items such as taps, plugs, shower fittings, a shower system, a shower screen or curtains, a heated towel rail as well as furniture, mirrors and other accessories to complete the design.

Opting for a bathroom suite means you can streamline the process somewhat, as not only will your fitting match and suit each other, they’ll also be compatible and more likely to fit alongside one another in the space. 

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