Suites Buyer's Guide

If it’s time to refurbish the bathroom, then opting for a bathroom suite can be an easy way to create a stylish room that can reflect upon your individual taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re thinking of fitting a luxurious designer retreat or an updated family bathroom, you’ll find everything you need to know about picking your perfect bathroom suite in our bathroom suites buyer’s guide.

I just want a timeless, 'simple' bathroom suite...

While both contemporary and traditional bathrooms make a stylish addition to the home, a simple, practical one is just as important an asset. However, updating your bathroom can be as straightforward as finding a well-designed bathroom suite that will age well along with your home over the coming years. For many of us, it isn’t about making a statement; it’s about finding “a normal bathroom”.

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Any ideas for small bathrooms?

If you’ve got a less than generously sized bathroom, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of bathrooms in the UK don’t tend to have space to spare, with the average bathroom size being approximately 8ft x 6ft.



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Bathroom suites jargon buster

Here at bathstore, we’re pretty fanatical about our bathroom suites, but we don’t expect everyone to get the lingo we bounce around. Here’s a quick glossary of words, terms and phrases you might see whilst researching bathroom suites.

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