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I'd like to add some luxury to my bathroom, how about... a Touchstone bath?

A bath is the real focal point of a bathroom. So, if you’re creating a luxurious statement bathroom and you want a tub that really exudes the ‘wow factor’, a Touchstone bath might be just what you’re looking for. Generally speaking, freestanding baths are, by design, the centrepiece to any designer or statement bathroom.

A Touchstone bath is altogether grander in appearance, and as it’s made from thermally efficient stone resin, it’s made of the highest quality material. If you’re remodelling your bathroom and thinking about fitting an impressive freestanding bath, then here’s everything you need to know about Touchstone baths:

What is Touchstone?

Touchstone is a type of stone resin with excellent thermal properties which helps water to maintain temperature. Cast iron baths were once considered one of the best materials for tubs because the hard metal helped to keep water warm. However, the sheer weight of the bath, plus the volume of water and weight of a person, is often too much for standard floorboards to withstand.

In the majority of cases, floorboards will require a certain amount of reinforcement to cope with the weight of a cast iron tub, making them a less practical choice in recent years. Touchstone baths are an excellent alternative, not only because by design the material keeps water warmer for longer, but because their appearance makes them a suitable option for either traditional or modern-style bathrooms.

Look and feel

These large freestanding baths are all-encompassing, as they are formed from one solid casting. This gives the tub a smooth, sleek finish with seamless curved edges, perfect for minimalist and modern bathrooms. The freestanding design is versatile, so even if you’ve got a more traditional style bathroom, the decadent features of this modern sleek design will be well suited to the room.

Most freestanding baths create a real focal point in the bathroom, however the large egg-shaped Touchstone bath is a truly luxurious centre piece. Unlike other freestanding baths which typically stand on classically designed cast iron feet, a Touchstone bath has a solid base so it sits directly on the floor.

The feel of Touchstone is quite unlike other types of material. The resin itself has excellent thermal properties, which helps the bath to retain heat for a long relaxing bath (you can say goodbye to topping up the tub with hot water!).

If you’re looking for a truly decadent and luxurious bathing experience that promotes a sleek and versatile design, a Touchstone bath could be the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom.

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