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From deciding between a freestanding or inset bath to selecting the right tiles, colour scheme and bathroom furniture, realising your dream bathroom poses many questions. Thankfully, our comprehensive buyer’s guides combine inspiration with practical advice and tips, giving you all the answers you need to ensure the whole process is a breeze.

Designed with all types of budgets and bathroom sizes in mind, from modest to majestic, you’ll find expertise covering all four corners of your bathroom from top to bottom. We’ve even produced jargon busters to help you understand all the tub-talk lingo!

I want to know everything about... bathroom worktops

For all those every-day essentials that you need within easy reach, a quality worktop can be the perfect finishing touch to your furniture units. Ideal for housing toothbrushes, soap, and face towels, this gives you a vital surface to help you maximise the space in your bathroom.

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What accessories will I need for my bathroom?

Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest additions that are the all-important finishing touches to a perfect bathroom. Bathroom accessories include everything from shelving and storage to towel rings and toothbrush holders. These often overlooked additions are something of a necessity to create the perfect functional bathroom, but practicality doesn’t have to be boring.

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I want to know everything about... toilet accessories

Finding accessories for you bathroom can be a fun way to really style up your space. However, there are some essential items you’ll need to pick up to make your bathroom a functional space that fits in with your lifestyle. Toilet accessories need not be an afterthought, as the right fittings can make a stylish addition to your space. 


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I want to know everything about... towel rails and rings

Towels are an essential addition to any bathroom, so it’s equally important to consider how you’re going to organise them for daily use and where to store your clean, dry towels. Draping a towel over the edge of the bath will not only cause your bathroom to look messy, but will leave it cold and damp for the next time you use it.


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I want to add a touch of luxury to my bathroom with accessories

Bathrooms were once neglected and unloved spaces which received little attention by way of design and décor, making them basic and functional with a slightly stark clinical feel. Many people have since come to acknowledge how much time they actually spend in their bathroom, giving plenty of consideration to how they use the space, and how this should be reflected in their décor and accessories.

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