Easy bathing Buyer's Guide

A guide to accessible easy bathing bathroom sanitary ware

Sanitary ware – bathroom ceramics such as the toilet, basin, and pedestal – are essential features of your bathroom, and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be able to use these vital facilities with ease regardless of any mobility limitations.

The Easy Bathing range of sanitary ware features a variety of styles to suit all your guests, while having subtle adaptations to make them accessible no matter your personal tastes and preferences.

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Guide to buying stylish bathroom mobility aids and accessories

The need for bathroom mobility aids and accessories shouldn’t mean compromising on the aesthetics of the bathroom. And it doesn’t have to. You can find a wide range of ultra-stylish accessories and mobility aids that are discreet and practical in contemporary styles that will create the ideal finishing touch to your dream bathroom. 

Whether you need them because you have young children, elderly relatives, or you’re living with a disability, you can adapt your bathroom to suit the needs of everyone without making concessions on design.

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Everything about accessible easy bathing bath and shower enclosures

The bath and shower are the stars of any bathroom, and there should be no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the relaxing pleasures of a luxurious bathe.

The accessible Easy Bathing range of bath and shower enclosures make a refreshing shower and tranquil bath a simple joy for anyone who might have limited mobility, with exemplary safety standards, elegant design, and versatile features.

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