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A guide to accessible easy bathing bathroom sanitary ware

Sanitary ware – bathroom ceramics such as the toilet, basin, and pedestal – are essential features of your bathroom, and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be able to use these vital facilities with ease regardless of any mobility limitations.
The Easy Bathing range of sanitary ware features a variety of styles to suit all your guests, while having subtle adaptations to make them accessible no matter your personal tastes and preferences.

What is sanitary ware?

Sanitary ware is a general term to cover the most important parts of your bathroom. This includes the toilet, the basin, the pedestal, and any accompanying features.They are the most basic part of a bathroom, and are necessary in even the smallest ones. Accessible sanitary ware includes features and adaptations to help those who have limited mobility and dexterity use them with ease and security.
The Easy Bathing range takes accessibility one step further, by combing tasteful design with practical solutions, to promote independent bathroom use for everyone.

Accessible toilets

For those with mobility concerns, traditional toilets can feel uncomfortable to sit down on and stand up from. The Easy Bathing range includes toilets set at what we call Comfort Height; this raises the level of the seat, to allow for users to sit down and stand up more easily.

The Euro design range has compact toilets that can be close coupled or back to wall. Both create an ultra-modern effect for the room. For a similar style that’s a little larger, the Scene toilet has a streamlined design and a wide bowl for additional comfort. Both types of toilets can be installed in such a position to save floor space, giving greater access to wheelchair users.

For something much more traditional, the Savoy comfort height toilet is available with either a high-level WC with a pull chain flush function, or a low-level WC and a dual flush lever; everything traditionalists love about vintage design with the modern convenience of a higher-level seat.

To help negate any dexterity concerns, many toilets available through bathstore – both with and without Comfort Height – can include a dual flush button, which many people find easier to use physically than a traditional lever.

Improved basins

To create a truly accessible basin, there’s several considerations to bear in mind. Height, location, brassware, pedestal, and corresponding furniture can all play a part in making the basin simple for everyone.

A space-saving, wall mounted basin can reveal floor space, and make it easier to use for those who need to access the basin using a stool or wheelchair. Likewise, a basin unit such as the Waterfront unit can open to provide a recess beneath for easier access.

Basins featuring a low lip and long projection from the wall can be easier to use than those that feature a deeper bowl, while waterfall or mixer taps that project water more centrally into the sink can ease the process of hand and face washing.

Placement of the basin is an essential part of the installation, with two main considerations: height and location. For some wheelchair users, the basin must be nearby to the toilet, to allow them to wash their hands before going back into their chair. In terms of height, a wall mounted basin can be adjusted upon installation to ensure that its located in a place that’s easy to reach.

Supporting furniture and features

Installing certain bathroom furniture alongside accessible sanitary ware can make it even easier to use and provide greater security. For example, Easy Bathing grab rails – either wall mounted or as part of an integrated design – can help to aid many users around the toilet and the sink, while a mirror cabinet can provide a secure storage solution for toiletries and medication.

For more information about how bathroom furniture can improve accessibility in your bathroom, the buyer’s guide to Easy Bathing bathroom furniture can provide all the details.

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