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Nothing could be more luxurious than stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping up in a warm, fluffy towel. This comforting feeling, along with the fact that towel rails can also operate as a cost-effective heater for the whole bathroom, means that they’re fast becoming a popular choice in the UK.

There are a wide variety of bathroom towel radiators available, some of which can heat the whole room, and others that can be used in conjunction with other heat sources for added luxury. The variety of choice means you’re more than likely to find the perfect heating solution for you bathroom, even if the number of different options can seem a little overwhelming.

To help you find the best bathroom towel radiators for your space, we’ve got all the help and advice you need to make the right choice.

Style and appearance

Perhaps the most common material for a heated bathroom towel rail is stainless steel, with Type 304 being the most resilient and efficient. They can also be made from other forms of soft steel, brass or chrome, and some will have elements of copper and nickel.

The most popular finishes for heated towel rails are white and chrome which will complement almost any bathroom suite. However, gold, bronze, black, grey or copper are also widely available.

Heating the room

In the case of small to medium bathrooms it is entirely possible to maintain a comfortable level of warmth using only a heated towel radiator. To truly benefit from the heat, it might be worth investing in additional towel rails – particularly in large spaces.

This means the towels can be warmed, but are not covering the entire radiator and therefore absorbing most of the heat. This is also a good idea if you plan to store a lot of towels on the radiator at one time.
In many ways a heated towel rail can help to make the bathroom a healthier environment. Damp towels are ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and hanging wet towels over a heated towel rail helps them to dry out faster.

The size and output of a bathroom towel radiator required to heat the whole room will vary depending on various factors such as the size of the room and the level of existing insulation.

You can use our BTU calculator to determine the size of the towel rail needed for your bathroom.

Towel radiator costs

Bathroom towel radiators are a relatively inexpensive form of bathroom heater, both to purchase and to run. Prices can range from tens to hundreds of pounds depending on budget constraints and the style of radiator required. However, more basic bathroom towel radiators are available for stricter budgets.

Visit the bathstore heated bathroom towel radiator pages for further details.


Most bathroom towel radiators will require a pair of valves. A thermostat or timer means that the towel radiator will automatically turn on and off at certain times of day, reducing running costs without compromising on warmth when needed.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to find out more about valves and other fittings you will need when installing a new heating system.

Choosing an electric or dual-fuel towel rail means that it can be used separately for warm towels even in the months when the central heating is not on. Furthermore, electric heaters such as towel rails are very energy efficient. When a radiator with the right BTU is combined with a thermostat which switches the heat on only when required, this can prove to be a highly cost-effective option.

Where your bathroom towel radiator is fitted depends on the size and shape of your space as well as the power of your radiator. In the majority of cases, the ideal place for a bathroom towel radiator is on the coldest wall of the room - usually the external wall with the window.

When fitting your bathroom towel radiator, you’ll need to adhere to UK wiring regulations, which divide a bathroom into separate Ingress Protection zones for your safety. Your plumber or electrician will be able to advise you on where to place you towel radiator in line with UK wiring regulations.

If you’re fitting your heated towel rail in the family bathroom, it might be a better idea to mount it further up the wall and keep it at a lower temperature to prevent posing a risk to inquisitive little ones.

Heated towel radiators can be the perfect addition to your bathroom, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the space as well as giving you a warm, fluffy dry towel after a relaxing bath or shower.

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