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I'm on a tight budget... Can I still find cheap bathroom radiators that will work?

The variety of bathroom radiators on the market means that there is something to suit every style of bathroom as well as every budget. Working to a tight budget doesn’t mean limiting your options; in fact, there are many highly affordable and good quality heating solutions which will provide the right level of heat from.

Whether you’re fitting a bathroom in a second home and need to make your budget stretch across several rooms or remodelling a guest bathroom without breaking the bank, you can use our guide to help you find an affordable bathroom radiator to suit your space and your budget.

Invest in quality

Bathroom towel rails are an excellent choice in a smaller bathroom as they not only provide the luxury of warm, dry towels, but can also be used as the sole heat source, to warm the space – and they do not have to cost a fortune!

You might also consider investing in one or two external towel rails as these prevent towels from covering the radiator and absorbing most of the heat, leaving you with a warm bathroom as well as toasty towels. Electric towel rails are 100% energy efficient, so they’ll help to keep running costs low – saving you money on your energy bills too.

By design, a heated towel rail is ideal for small spaces such as ensuites and cloakroom toilets, which may not necessarily have space for a freestanding radiator. Most towel rails come in a range of finishes, making them an elegant addition to any bathroom.

You can find out more about heated towel rails in our dedicated guide.

Running costs

Your overall running costs will depend on the type of radiator you choose, and the amount of time it will be in use each day. Where gas central heating is already fitted then a radiator which attaches to the central heating system will prove highly cost effective as the cost per unit of gas is approximately one third less than that of electricity.
Fan heaters use between 1 and 2 kWh of energy while most oil filled radiators are rated lower than 1 kWh. However, oil filled radiators take longer to heat the room, so in real terms the power output is likely to be very similar.
You can accurately calculate the BTU required for your bathroom using our BTU calculator which will help you to choose a radiator with the appropriate power output and size for your bathroom. This way, you won’t run the risk of paying for additional heat that isn’t required.

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