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What radiator should I buy for a small bathroom?

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, which is why layout and space-saving design tricks can help to make the very best use of the space. Limited space is particularly the case with second bathrooms, such as an ensuite in the master bedroom, a downstairs bathroom or a guest bathroom.

Fittings for smaller bathrooms must be carefully chosen to maximise the available space, and the same applies for bathroom heating. There are a number of options which maximise the space in a small room whilst simultaneously complementing all the other fixtures and fittings, as well as space-saving solutions to suit a range of budgets and styles.

Underfloor heating

While underfloor heating can be one of the more expensive and disruptive options at the installation stage, it has also proved to be comparatively cheaper to run than many other types of bathroom heating systems.

The benefits of underfloor heating in a smaller bathroom are clear, as once the system has been fitted and the floor replaced, the system takes up none of the available practical space at all. Underfloor heating is not always suitable in a bathroom which is carpeted or for certain types of laminate, vinyl or timber flooring, but your installer will be able to advise you on what types of flooring are best suited to work with underfloor heating.

Find out more information about underfloor bathroom heating here.

Heated towel rails

Many modern heated towel rails are powerful enough to serve as the sole heat source in a bathroom, and this is especially true in smaller spaces. Bathroom towel radiators offer the luxurious option of stepping out of the shower or bath and wrapping up in a beautifully warmed towel, as well as providing heat for the whole room.

Many of the available towel rails are suitable to be hung over the bath, freeing up more wall space in other areas of the room.

Interested in finding out more about bathroom heated towel radiators? Check out our bathroom towel radiators guide here.

Space-saving tips

Fitting a small bathroom requires careful planning, clever design tricks and a substantial amount of planning. Limited floor and wall space can make finding a suitable place for your heat source very tricky.

Radiators are generally best placed under the window, as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use this wall for fittings or storage. Alternatively, if you’re really pushed for space, you could fit a compact heated towel rail above the bath on the wall farthest from the taps.

You could also fit a compact heated towel rail at waist height on the wall, freeing up more space for storage below. Another clever design trick is to use the often wasted space behind the door. If you’ve opted for a tall but narrow heated towel rail, this is the perfect place for it to be mounted, as this space isn’t suitable for fittings, furniture or storage.

There are a variety of space saving heating solutions available, but while many options save on space, they may affect your layout if they need to be installed a certain distance away from other fittings. It’s worth considering where the heat system is going to be placed and how it works in conjunction with other fittings, before you purchase a new heater.

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