Lighting Buyer's Guide

Lighting is a very important part of any bathroom’s design. Unlike most other rooms in the house, the bathroom needs different types of lighting to provide the right illumination for different activities. From bright shower lights to relaxing mood lighting for long soaks in the tub, we’ve got all the advice you need to find the right lighting scheme to complement your space.

I want to install new lighting in my bathroom... Where do I start?

If you think about it, most rooms in the house adhere to their own lighting scheme. Your living room is likely to have ambient lighting, perfect for relaxing and watching TV, whereas your kitchen is a practical space and much more likely to have bright lights. Similarly, your bathroom will need a significant amount of consideration as to how the room will be lit. 

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Ceiling, wall or cabinet lights?

In the many decisions that need to be made when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, the lighting scheme can easily be overlooked. However, lighting is just as much an integral part of your design as the fittings and furniture! The right light can really enhance the overall appearance of your space, highlighting the features and focal points whilst also creating the right ambience for relaxation.

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Wall-fixed or recessed lights?

When it comes to choosing light fittings for your space, there are many things to consider. As with every aspect of redesigning your bathroom, the key thing to think about is how you actually use the space, as this determines the lighting you need in order to provide the right illumination for different areas of the room.


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LED or halogen?

When it comes to ceiling or recessed lights in your bathroom, you’ve got two options for choosing your light bulbs - LED and halogen. There are pros and cons to each of these styles of bulbs, but, ultimately, it’s down to personal preference. 



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What other fittings will I need?

When you’ve chosen the right lighting for your bathroom, there may be one or two other fittings or accessories that could be useful in your space. For example, if you regularly use an electrical shaver, a shaver socket is a must-have fitting which mustn’t be forgotten about.



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Bathroom Lighting jargon buster

There are lots of technical terms used to describe different types of lighting and light fittings, so if you’re feeling a little lost amongst the terminology, check out our handy jargon buster.

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