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Ceiling, wall or cabinet lights?

In the many decisions that need to be made when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, the lighting scheme can easily be overlooked. However, lighting is just as much an integral part of your design as the fittings and furniture! The right light can really enhance the overall appearance of your space, highlighting the features and focal points whilst also creating the right ambience for relaxation.

Making your bathroom too bright can make it seem stark and clinical in appearance, but dim light can be impractical for your morning and evening routines. The key is to use different types of lighting across different points in the room.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights provide excellent illumination in the bathroom when positioned in the right way and are perfect as task lighting over the shower – ideal for a refreshing morning shower. Recessed ceiling lights are subtle but effective and work like spotlights, focusing the light directly downwards. As they’re IP Zone rated 1, they can be safely installed almost anywhere in the bathroom. Ceiling lights can provide effective ambient light in spaces with tall or double height ceilings, creating indirect lighting but ample illumination within the space.

Rather than placing a single light in the centre of the ceiling to diffuse light across the room, it’s worth fitting multiple ceiling lights around the perimeter of the room to provide effective illumination. Dimmable ceiling lights are a versatile solution providing mood lighting perfect for enjoying a relaxing bath.

You can also use these lights as task lighting above the mirror, but you need to install and position them in exactly the right way to avoid shadows or unflattering light. It’s recommended to position them very close to the mirror so that the light is directed to shine onto the mirror and therefore reflecting back at you, creating a flattering light for applying make-up, shaving etc.

This is particularly effective task lighting when used in conjunction with wall lights or sconces at either side of the mirror, which avoids shadows while creating a flattering light from all angles.

Wall lights

Hotel and wall lights make a stylish yet practical addition to any space, while they also provide a flattering light around the mirror.

If your bathroom is naturally light, bright and airy then wall lights may provide ample illumination for the space. In most circumstances though, wall lights are used as task lighting to provide focused light for specific tasks.

Positioning wall lights elsewhere in the room can also provide atmospheric or mood lighting for when you’re indulging in a long, relaxing soak in the tub.

Cabinet lights

It’s not just the general space inside your bathroom you may need to consider as part of your lighting scheme. You’ll need to think about other areas of your bathroom which could benefit from being properly illuminated, such as your cupboards and cabinets.

If you’re fed up of rummaging around for your shaving foam or face wash in a dark bathroom cabinet during the early hours of the morning, some handy cabinet lights are the perfect solution. These small lights fit snugly into the bathroom cabinet, providing plenty of light to find all your bathroom necessities.

Whilst they won’t provide any illumination inside the bathroom itself, cabinet lights can make a really useful addition to any space, particularly if you’ve got lots of products and cosmetics stored away in your cupboards and cabinets.

The style of lights you choose for your bathroom very much depends on your design and what you’ll actually be using the space for. If you’ve got a busy family bathroom and you just need some light to properly illuminate the space, then ceiling lights are a fuss-free way to go. Layered lighting which combines functional focused lights, accent and ambient lights will be more effective in feature bathrooms with a specific aesthetic or if your bathroom is restful retreat in the house.

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